Around the Tubes

Tomorrow is new comic book day! What’s everyone getting?

Around the Tubes

MTV Geek – Op-Ed: Why The Archaia/Boom Merger Might Work Out Well For EveryoneIt’s a good thing folks.

CBR – Dan Vado Discusses the Future of SLG Publishing A good read and great company to support.

Spinoff Online – Deadpool is ‘Like the Worst Relationship I’ve Ever Had,’ Says Ryan ReynoldsI want this movie with Reynolds!!!

Stash My Comics – Geek Cinema: Confessions of a Terrible Critic An interesting a funny read.

Deadline – Lakeshore Acquires Movie Rights To Graphic Novel ‘The Sword’I’m waiting for the complete bottom of the barrel to be optioned.

The Beat – Dragon*Con officially splits with accused molester Ed Kramer — UPDATED About time.


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CBR – Earth 2 #14