Both Action Lab: Danger Zone Launch Titles Sell Out At Distributor

DANGERZONE_LOGO_FINALAction Lab has announced that their Action Lab: Danger Zone launch is a hit. Their two release titles, Ehmm Theory #1 and Ghost Town #1, have sold out all their copies through Diamond Distribution with all reorders for retailers on hold.

The high demand for the growing publisher is fantastic as they called this news a “tremendous success.” The publisher is tapping the company’s suply of convention stock to meet all orders through Diamond.  Retailers still have the opportunity to get first-print copies of both Ehmm Theory and Ghost Town’s premier issues.  They will be issuing a resupply to Diamond later this week to cover all outstanding orders.

The publisher has thanked their fans and retailers for making this happen:

Again, thank you so much to all the retailers, reviewers, and fans who have made our lives a little more difficult – in the most pleasant way possible.

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