Childhood Heroes Debuts at TR!CKST3R!

childhood heroesTR!CKSTER is one of the best things going on during San Diego Comic-Con. An event within event, it buzzes with creativity and fun, celebrating comics and especially indie and small print. TR!CKSTER has announced Childhood Heroes an anthology collection featuring art and stories inspired by the ones we drew when we were kids. Many of the artists included images of their original childhood art along with new versions of their old friends. TR!CKSTER has described it as a project “over 30 years in the making!”

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Childhood Heroes will be sent to The Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco to help youngsters there find their very own Heroes.

This printing is limited to a edition of 500 and will debut at TR!CKST3R: San Diego which is being held at the East Village Tavern Bowl: 930 Market St. starting July 17th.

This is the second book ever published by TR!CKSTER. This (among many) is a great reason to head over to the event and check out this limited edition comic as well as event.

Get a peek at the art inside on the Childhood Heroes Tumblr: