DC’s We Can Be Heroes Raises Money on IndieGoGo

badge_v2DC Entertainment last year launched a new initiative to combat the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa. Their effort, We Can Be Heroes uses their popular properties to raise awareness, and money, to help with relief efforts. The comic publisher has launched a fundraising effort on the crowd funding platform IndieGoGo as part of this effort.

Their initial goal of $50,000 has been passed and since then they’ve upped their effort with a target of raising $100,000 that will be given to their non-profit partners.

Each fundraising effort will take on a different theme focusing on a character, the first one up is Batman. For donating, you’re able to get various items like comic books, t-shirts, posters, or even a trip to San Diego Comic Con.

This stuff is only available until May 7, 2013, so check out the latest perks.

The funds raised go to:

Save the Children—Tirelessly committed to improving the lives of children and families whose lives have been changed by the hunger crisis.

International Rescue Committee—delivering life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable people.

Mercy Corps—Unfailingly dedicated to making life more livable in the world’s toughest places.