Angela Comes to Marvel

AgeOfUltron_1_SXSWMarvel has been teasing some big changes at the end of their Age of Ultron event, and it looks like the former Image character Angela will be coming to the Marvel universe. The event concludes in June and the character will guest star at the end, like a teaser at the end of Marvel’s movies.

The move is an interesting one, as the character has been embroiled in a lawsuit that started in 2002. the battle between Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane was eventually settled in 2012 in a confidential agreement. The lawsuit was over copyright and royalties. Angela first appeared in Spawn.

After Age of Ultron, Angela will next appear in Guardians of the Galaxy #5 which will be co-written by Brian Michael Bendis and Gaiman.

With Angela settled and heading to Marvel, will Marvelman finally be making his appearance in the Marvel universe this year too?