Around the Tubes

I’ll be posting, but irregularly over the next few days, so hope folks have a great Thanksgiving!

Around the Tubes

The Mary Sue – Representative Zoe Lofgren Shows Her Internet Savvy: Ask Reddit for Internet Law SuggestionsI encourage folks to take part!

CBR – “The Walking Dead” Casts Chad Coleman as TyreeseAwesome to see this fan favorite character coming to the screen.

The Beat – All the Hostess comics ads in one creamy cake I really want a Twinkie.

ICv2 – PETA Takes on Peter JacksonI blame trolls.

Comics Alliance – Marvel Reveals New Content For Delayed ‘Phase One’ Box Set -But will it have the cool suitcase!?

The Guardian – How we built our “America: Elect!” graphic novel interactiveSome cool behind the scenes info.