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IDW Presents Vitriol The Hunter

[Vitriol the Hunter #1]Coming this February, IDW Publishing is launching Vitriol The Hunter, an all-new comic book series co-written by Good Charlotte guitarist Billy Martin and Brent Allen, featuring interior art by Martin.

They own the night… they yearn for the day! In this gothic sci-fi adventure, Martin and Allen bring a new grisly horror to life. Set in the fictional city of Basilika in 2127, this six-issue series narrates the journey of Basilika City’s last great hope, Vitriol, as he stands as the only force that can stop Lord Barthus and his heinous vampire regime from overtaking the city.

Additionally, Martin is producing a soundtrack inspired by Vitriol The Hunter. Under the name Villain, Martin has been creating remixes, as well as writing and producing music for other artists. This will be his first official release of original music as Villain, showcasing his dynamic mix of electronic music with traditional film score. The special soundtrack for Vitriol will be available for free download inside the comic.

Vitriol The Hunter #1 ($3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be available in February 2013. Diamond order code: DEC12 0473.

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