ESPN The Magazine and Marvel Entertainment Present Lebron: King of The Rings

Let me start this off by saying, having been born in Cleveland, I shudder at promoting LeBron James in any way. That being said, I’ll swallow my Cleveland pride as this is news. Marvel and ESPN The Magazine have officially unveiled LeBron: King of The Rings, an all-new, full-color, ten-page comic that debuted exclusively in ESPN The Magazine’s NBA Preview on newsstands Friday, October 19. Two years ago, LeBron James predicted he would win not one, not two, not three … but seven NBA titles. What if he was right? In their second collaboration, The Mag and Marvel Custom Solutions have united to create LeBron: King of the Rings, an epic tale of zombies, clones, holograms, bionics and a star who will stop at nothing to fulfill his promise. yes, it’s that batshit out there, I feel like I needed to post this.

LeBron: King of the Rings springs from the minds of ESPN’s Ty Wenger and Otto Strong, writer Christos Gage and artists Mike Deodato, Scott Eaton, Greg Land and Terry Dodson. Featuring a cover by Adi Granov, this is the first comic book created in collaboration by Marvel Custom Solutions and ESPN The Magazine.

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