Hypernaturals #3 Sells Out, Goes To Second Print

BOOM! Studios is proud to announce that Hypernaturals #3 has completely sold out at the distributor level and the publisher has rushed to a second printing in order to meet demand. Comic book fans should bear in mind first printings of The Hypernaturals #3 may still be found at a local comic shop near you.

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning finish the first arc of their cosmic superhero masterpiece in the making and will have you begging for more! It’s the return of Prismatica as she rejoins the Hypernaturals and faces her greatest fear: the man who killed her husband and the most diabolical supervillain the Quantinuum has ever known…Sublime.

The Hypernaturals #3second print ships with a brand new, must-have cover by Kris Anka and is available for immediate order under Diamond order code AUG128053.

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