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Lady Death is Baltimore Bound and Ready to Rock

LD_JW1_Heavy_Duty.pngCoffin Comics announced Lady Death creator Brian Pulido‘s guest appearance at the upcoming Baltimore Comic-Con 2012, taking place September 8-9, 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland. To commemorate this event, three new Lady Death exclusives will be unveiled, with smoking hot covers by fellow attendees Greg Capullo and Joseph Michael Linsner!
 In true heavy metal fashion, Lady Death: Judgment War #1 – Heavy Duty Edition features cover art by Greg Capullo and is enhanced with seven 1/4″ heavy metal spikes and is limited to just 99 serially LD_JW1_Blood_Red_Sky.pngnumbered copies. Lady Death: Judgment War #1 – Blood Red Skies Edition, art by Capullo and limited to 199 serially numbered copies, features a cardstock cover. “Greg and I share a love of heavy metal and Judas Priest,” Pulido says. “These editions, named after classic Judas Priest songs, commemorate that.”
Also premiering is Lady Death: Tribulation #1 – Blood Beach Edition, featuring a Joseph Michael Linsner cover and limited 199 serially numbered copies. “Back in the day, Linsner showed me the path and inspired me to publish comics,” Pulido LD_Trib1_Blood_Beach.pngadmits. It’s an honor to have him contributing to the Lady Death legend.”
Lady Death creator Brian Pulido, Greg Capullo and Joseph Michael Linsner will be available for signing at Baltimore Comic-Con 2012.
Pricing and Availability
In addition to convention availability, preorders are being accepted on a first come, first serve basis at Pricing is $40.00 for Heavy Duty, $40.00 for Blood Red Skies, and $20.00 for Blood Beach. All exclusives ship September 12, 2012.
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