Mars Attacks #1 Sells Out in a Big Way!

[Mars Attacks The Holidays Cover]IDW Publishing has announced that Mars Attacks #1 has sold out of its “substantial” first printing.  The first issue is by John Layman and John McCrea. The first issue was pretty ambitious sporting 56 covers and a deluxe box set had a 57th cover.  That’s nearly 55,000 issues gone. IDW says there’s likely less than 1,000 copies of the “classic card cover” floating about.

IDW is taking the opportunity to announce Mars Attacks The Holidays. Coming out in October, this new one-shot is being created as a unique, off-the-wall take on Mars Attacks and will see Topps’ vicious Martian invaders reigning chaos upon beloved holiday icons the world over. The comic features four stories by Dean Haspiel, Fred Hembeck, Ian Boothby, and Bill Morrison, and is 48 full-color pages.

Mars Attacks #1 is a full-color, 32-page comic that is in stores now. Diamond order code: APR120315 and Mars Attacks The Holidays is a full-color, 48-page comic that will be in stores October 24, 2012.