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Grimm Fairy Tales #73

Written By Raven Gregory

Sela sets off in search of the Tomb of Death and finds herself joined by an unlikely ally who is also searching for a way to redeem herself from the failings of her past.  But will this new ally be enough to help Sela defeat the dreaded black ghost knights who guard the swamplands that lead to the Tomb?  Meanwhile, Alicia, Baba Yaga, Venus, and the Goblin Queen begin the final stage of their mysterious plans to rule the four realms and the very nexus itself.  The final count down to the Grimm Fairy Tales 75 begins here.  Don’t miss out!

32 pgs, $2.99
Out – 5/16/2012

Neverland Hook #5

Written By Joe Brusha

Barre’s power continues to grow and its only a matter of time before Neverland falls to him and the earth soon after. Cross, Tiger Lily and Wendy are all that stand in his way but without Tinker Belles help they don’t stand half a chance of defeating the evil tyrant. Unfortunately she has her hands full battling the mysterious dark fairy and even if she manages to win and survive it may prove to late to stop Barre’s madness.

32 pgs, $2.99
Out – 5/23/2012


Written By Dan Wickline

The COUNTDOWN to the brand new WONDERLAND ongoing series begins here!!!  The Jabberwocky has been defeated.  The Queen of Hearts is dead and Wonderland is in a state of chaos with no ruler on the throne.  Enter the Red Knight who is determined to destroy all of Wonderland and the world at large by unleashing a deadly ancient force long thought to be gone.  Meanwhile on earth, a literary student researching Lovecraft will discover a long forgotten secret that could save or damn us all.  Don’t miss out on this incredible mini-series that sets the stage for the upcoming Wonderland ongoing series!

32 pgs, $3.99
Out – 5/30/2012

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