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Mashable – Reddit Announces Blackout to Protest SOPA

GamePolitics – Change.org Petition Asks EA to Oppose SOPA

GamePolitics – Center for Democracy & Technology’s Big List: Who is Against SOPA

GamePolitics – The Jimquisition: A Bleak Future With SOPA as Law


Around the Blogs:

Marvel – Attend Class at the Jean Grey SchoolGreat use of social media.

MTV Geek – CES 2012: Mimoco Reveals New MimoMicro Card Readers And USB Drives – Want!

Bleeding Cool – Parallel Universes Teach Polygamy – A “Christian” Response To Gay Archie WeddingFunny and sad.

Bleeding Cool – London Comic Mart Organiser Gets One Year Suspended Sentence For Collection Of One Million Paedophile ImagesWhat the hell is wrong with people!?

Kotaku – Here’s Lex Luthor (and More Villains) from the Superman Video Game That Got Hit by Cancellation KryptoniteYeah, guessing it was bad.

Kotaku – The Heroes and Villains of DC Universe Online Are a Crafty BunchI really need to get around to playing this.

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Ely Standard – Fear Itself: Ghost Rider

Library of Economics and Liberty – Health Care Reform

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