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It’s a new week and the weekend was rather quiet.  The weather was fantastic here in DC (when it wasn’t raining).  Here’s the news you might have missed while you were enjoying your weekend.

Around the Blogs:

Bleeding Cool – V For Vendetta Vs Government DebtThere is irony in people who rage against corporations and governments have taken up a symbol made famous buy a multi-national corporation.

Deadline Hollywood – ANALYSIS: Why ‘Wonder Woman’ Didn’t Go And What That Means For ABC’s ‘Hulk’ Did Deadline just choose to ignore the phenomenon that was The Walking Dead because it didn’t fit their viewpoint, or are these entertainment experts just ignorant of the show.  And what about Powers on FX or Jessica Jones, which is likely to be on ABC, they still look to be a go.

Kotaku – Sunday ComicsKotaku brings various web comics in one place each week.

Con Coverage:

Mania – A Report on the 2011 Motor City Comic Con

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Comics Alliance – Area 10

Good Comic Books – The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec

Man of La Book – Last Pict