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I missed yesterday’s Around the Tubes post, so today’s is a bit more packed than most Mondays.  Here’s the news you might have missed while you were reading all of your free comic books from Saturday.

Around the Blogs:

Bleeding Cool – Geek Girl On The Street Reports: One Geek Girl’s Pull ListAlways interesting to see what other folks are reading.

Kotaku – Be Kind To Children and Buy Them the Correct Thor Video Game – Be careful as to which Thor video game you purchase.

Bleeding Cool – Free Comic Book Day 2011 Hits EbayHow much are all of the comic books from this year going for?

Bleeding Cool – Jonathan Hickman Announces ‘Feel Better Now’, New Creator-Owned Comic From ImageAlready I’ll add this to the ‘must read’ list.

MMA Weekly – Comic Books and MMA Don’t Mix? G4′s Blair Butler Wants You To Think Again Actually a good chunk of the MMA fans I know are also comic book fans.

Kotaku – Sunday Comics – Kotaku brings some various web comics.

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Karissa’s Reading Review – Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Lightening Thief

TG Daily – Red Son

The Fandom Post – Secret Six: Unhinged Graphic

BW Media – Transformers: Foundation #3

Mouth London – Trial and Error, The Aviated Efforts Of Jean Babtiste de Bomberaque

Comics Girl – May minicomic review roundup, part 2