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It’s new comic book day and don’t forget this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. That just means you should be at your local comic book shop twice this week.

Around the Blogs:

MTV Geek – Help Grant Morrison, Kevin Smith, and Neil Gaiman ‘Illuminate Parkinsons’Time’s are tough, but this is a great project.  Get to KickStarter and pledge as much as you can.

The Mary Sue – Marvel Entertainment’s President of Production: Dr. Strange is NextThis one I can see on the big screen. Who do you think should fill the good doctor’s shoes?

Kotaku – DC Universe Subscribers Get a Free Month, Free Cowl Over Hack AttackHave it sitting on my shelf and still haven’t played….

The Mary Sue – Pretty Much Every Marvel Cartoon Show Will Be Available On Netflix’s Instant Queue SoonA new way for me to entertain myself at work.

IGN – The Ultimate X-Men ReturnIs it the right time to finally check out Marvel’s Ultimate line?

Adam WarRock – Adam WarRock “Sinister Six”Adam WarRock has some more free music for you.

Around the Tubes Reviews:

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