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The world is still reeling from Superman renouncing his citizenship the death of Osama bin Laden.  While you were out partying it up, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

io9 – Does the Green Lantern movie introduce too many zany creatures?There’s a fine line between pleasing geeks and confusing the audience.

Bleeding Cool – Jonathan Hickman And Esad Ribic To Relaunch The UltimatesMaybe now is the time to start reading this line of comics?

Robot 6 – What will bin Laden’s death mean to Frank Miller’s Holy Terror?You could still do the story, but pretty sure The Infidel beat him to the story.

Comics Alliance – ‘The Avengers’ Production Shut Down After Theft of Samuel L. Jackson’s Script?One person to not mess with is Samuel L.

ICv2 – Retailers Advised to Unplug ‘Green Lantern Animated Light-Up Displays’Yeah, it’d suck if your store burned down.

Bleeding Cool – Mike Cotton Resigns From Wizard – Didn’t think we’d see such a big shake up this early in their transition.  Good luck to all!

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Comic Book Resources – American Vampire #14

Blogomatic 3000 – Green Lantern: Secret Origin

The Fandom Post – Secret Six: Depths

Comic Book Resources – Uncanny X-Men #536

Newsarama – Best Shots Reviews: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, ACTION COMICS, More

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