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It was a quiet day yesterday for the most part.  Marvel held an online chat to reveal what Vengeance is, and it sounds interesting, but nothing ground breaking.  Other than that, the follow up from this weekend’s cons trickle out.  Here’s what everyone else covered.

Around the Blogs:

ICv2 –Hermes to Publish Silver Age ‘Phantom’ ComicsI was never really into the Phantom character.  Anyone have a good run to check out that might get me interested?

Bleeding Cool – A Decade Later, Nicolas Cage’s Stolen Action Comics #1 Is RecoveredIsn’t he having trouble with the IRS?  Wouldn’t they just seize this?

Geekweek – Duncan Jones Close To Directing THE WOLVERINE?How was Jones’s Source Code?

Geekweek – Loki Won’t Be The Villain In THE AVENGERSHmmm. I can’t wait to see this movie.

Con Coverage:

The Beat – Weekend roundup: Kapow!; Millar has four new titles

Bleeding Cool – The Afternoon After The Kapow Before

Comic Book Resources – KAPOW: Fans go “Wow!” on Day 2

IGN – The Walking Dead Wins Big at Kapow! ’11

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