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Underrated: Starlight

This is a column that focuses on something or some things from the comic book sphere of influence that may not get the credit and recognition it deserves. Whether that’s a list of comic book movies, ongoing comics, or a set of stories featuring a certain character. The columns may take the form of a bullet pointed list, or a slightly longer thinkpiece – there’s really no formula for this other than whether the things being covered are Underrated in some way. This week: Starlight.

Conceived by Hollywood darling Mark Millar (with art by Goran Parlov), Starlight was a six issue miniseries that was released beginning in March of 2014 and ending in October 2014. Telling the story of the superbly named Duke McQueen, an Air Force pilot who went to space and saved the alien planet of Tantalus from tyranny forty years ago, before returning home and raising a family instead of staying to rule the planet. His exploits, sadly, were written off as the ravings of a attention seeker, and Duke became a joke to all but his sweetheart.

Now, with his wife dead, his family not giving him the time of day, and people still treating him as a joke, a spaceship arrives to take the old man on one last grand adventure to save the planet Tantalus once again.

One of the less Mark Millar-y comics that have come from his keyboard in the last half decade, this mini series had none of the hyper violence seen in things such as Kick-Ass, Wanted and Kingsman. Surprisingly Starlight is a sentimental yarn about a former hero redeeming himself in his own eyes and saving the planet from a tyrannical despot once again.

Starlight is a pleasure to read. Although criticism can be levelled at the sudden change as Duke McQueen goes from couch-bound crank to crack aimed space hero over the course of only a couple of issues, for me that misses the spirit of the book. Think not of Starlight in terms of the modern, more realism based stories we’ve become accustomed to, and instead fall back into the nostalgia of the classic stories of yesteryear as Millar embraces the straight forward nature of the story – almost against type, as McQueen battles against an antagonist who doesn’t measure up to the rich and deep characterization of the hero; Kingfisher is a perfectly adequate villain, but make no mistake, Starlight is a redemptive story for Duke McQueen.

Perhaps in seeing McQueen struggle against overwhelming odds, himself, and the reputation he had been given, we can find hope and inspiration in our own lives. Not quite the lesson I expected to take from a Mark Millar book.

I had forgotten how much I loved Starlight until I saw a tweet mentioning the series a few days ago that inspired me to dig the comics out and reread them.  It’s a love that I genuinely believe you’ll share when you give the series a chance – it’s an underrated gem that you wouldn’t typically expect to come from Mark Millar.

Join us next week when we look at something else that is, for whatever reason, Underrated.

Mark Millar and Matteo Scalera’s King of Spies #1 Launches in December

Mark Millar has created a new series at Netflix in his Millarworld department, but he’s also adapting this into a comic book series too. Re-teaming with fan favorite artist Matteo Scalera, the first appearance of this new character will now appear in King of Spies #1, a spectacular four issue miniseries launching from Image Comics in December.

In King of Spies, the world’s greatest secret agent has six months to live. Does he die quietly in a hospital bed, or does he make up for a lifetime of bad decisions and murder all the REAL bad guys before he goes? He’s been propping up an unfair system for over forty years. Now he knows where all the bodies are buried and has nothing to lose when he turns his guns on everyone who ever made a buck creating the mess we’re all in right now.

King of Spies #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, December 1:

  • Cover A by Scalera – Diamond Code OCT210034
  • Cover B B&W by Scalera – Diamond Code OCT210035
  • Cover C by Mark Chiarello – Diamond Code OCT210036
  • Cover D by Ozgur Yildirim – Diamond Code OCT210037
  • Cover E blank cover – Diamond Code OCT210038

Get a Look at the Super Crooks Anime

Based on the comic book from Mark Millar, Netflix has revealed a first look at the anime take on Super Crooks.

In this anime adaptation, small-time crook Johnny Bolt recruits the ultimate crew for one last heist — for real! This super-powered heist story about eight super-villains is jam-packed with action and told in 13x 30-minute episodes lushly produced by Bones.

Super Crooks premieres on November 25th, only on Netflix.

A Turf War Among Wizards Breaks Out in the Sequel to The Magic Order

Bestselling writer and producer Mark Millar returns to the magical world he created as a live-action Netflix series to release the second volume in the comic book adaptation. Olivier Coipel was drafted in to draw the first volume in this five-book set and delivered one of the best jobs of his career. Now legendary artist Stuart Immonen is in the chair for the much-anticipated sequel. The Magic Order 2 #1 will launch this October from Image Comics.

In this new story arc, a magical turf war like you’ve never seen before! The London chapter of the Magic Order has entered the scene, and these tough Guy Ritchie-style gangsters have a problem with the Eastern European Warlocks moving into their territory. Can new leader Cordelia Moonstone keep the peace? 

The Magic Order 2 #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, October 27:

  • Cover A Immonen – Diamond Code AUG210027
  • Cover B Immonen B&W – Diamond Code AUG210028
  • Cover C Tocchini – Diamond Code AUG210029
  • Cover D Yildirim – Diamond Code AUG210030
  • Cover E blank cover – Diamond Code AUG210031
  • Cover F 1:10 copy incentive Chiarello – Diamond Code AUG210032
The Magic Order 2 #1

Jupiter’s Legacy’s Cast has Been Released as Netflix Turns to Mark Millar’s Supercrooks


Variety is reporting that Netflix has “released the cast” of Jupiter’s Legacy. This signals there won’t be a season two of the show as of now. It’s not too surprising as the show launched with little buzz and after launch little more. It has just a 38% critical approval though the audience has rated it 72%.

The series is one of the high-profile launches for Netflix and their purchase of comic publisher Millarworld. Millarworld is Mark Millar‘s creations that include the Jupiter series of comics, Kick-Ass, and more.

One of those, Supercrooks, is moving ahead. It has received a live-action adaptation order from Netflix.

Super Crooks is set in the same world as Jupiter’s Legacy and follows villains, where Legacy followed heroes. The show will be the “next installment” showing Netflix is focused on an attempt to build their own “cinematic universe” of superheroes. There’s also an anime series coming to Netflix of the same property coming later this year.

Netflix purchased Millarworld in 2017. Jupiter’s Legacy was the first property to spin out of the deal. A series based on the comic Magic Order is also in the works.

John Cassaday Jupiter Legacy: Requiem Variants Revealed

In celebration of the recent Netflix success of Jupiter’s Legacy, Mark Millar and Tommy Lee Edwards’ 12-issue series Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem will feature two rare foil covers—a silver variant and a gold variant—by artist John Cassaday.

The highly collectible silver foil cover will be a 1:10 copy incentive variant and available in limited quantities—exclusively at local comic shops—upon release Wednesday, June 16. Interested fans should inquire with their local comic shop for availability. 

The Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 gold foil variant will ship to retailers as a thank you for their ongoing support of the Jupiter’s Legacy series. 

Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, June 16:

  • Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 Cover A Edwards – APR210095
  • Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 Cover B Quitely – APR210096
  • Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 Cover C Quitely B&W – APR210097
  • Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 Cover D Jock – APR210098
  • Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 Cover E Netflix Season 1 variant – APR210099
  • Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 Cover F Yildirim – APR210100
  • Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 Cover G Blank cover – APR210101
  • Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 Cover H 1:10 copy incentive silver foil – APR210102

Joe Cornish will Write and Direct Mark Millar’s Starlight

Mark Millar‘s Starlight might finally be coming to the big screen. Joe Cornish will write and direct the film for 20th Century Studios.

Simon Kinberg and Audrey Chon are producing through Kinberg’s Genre Films banner, and Nira Park has joined as producer.

Starlight is a Flash Gordon riff about an older space hero who returns to Earth after saving the universe. No one believes him and he settles, gets married, and has kids. But, he’s called back for one fantastic adventure.

Starlight was originally published in 2014 by Image Comics and was a six-issue limited series. Written by Millar, it featured art by Goran Parlov.


The Jupiter’s Legacy Trailer is Here

No legacy lives forever. The first generation of superheroes have kept the world safe for nearly a century. Now their children must continue their legendary ideals. Jupiter’s Legacy is streaming only on Netflix on May 7th, 2021.

The show is based on the comic book series from Mark Millar and Frank Quitely.

Jupiter’s Legacy, the comic, was published by Image and debuted in 2013. The series is about the conflict between generations of superheroes. A group of aging superheroes known as the Union used the powers they gained in 1932 to better mankind. Their children must deal with living up to their parent’s legacy. The series ran for 10 issues.

Discover Jupiter’s Legacy during WonderCon@Home this Friday!

For the first time ever, Mark Millar (Wanted, Kingsman, Kick-Ass) brings the full cast of the new Netflix series, Jupiter’s Legacy together to talk about the epic superhero saga coming to Netflix on May 7. Based on the graphic novels by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely, Jupiter’s Legacy is an epic superhero drama that spans decades and navigates the complex dynamics of family, power, and loyalty. The panel will include Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb, Ben Daniels, Mike Wade, Matt Lanter, Elena Kampouris, Andrew Horton, and Ian Quinlan.

The video stream will premiere on March 26, 2021 at 12:00 pm (GMT-07:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

After nearly a century of keeping mankind safe, the world’s first generation of superheroes must look to their children to continue the legacy. But tensions rise as the young superheroes, hungry to prove their worth, struggle to live up to their parents’ legendary public reputations — and exacting personal standards. Based on the graphic novels by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely, Jupiter’s Legacy is an epic superhero drama that spans decades and navigates the complex dynamics of family, power, and loyalty. From executive producers, Mark Millar, Frank Quitely, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Dan McDermott, Steven S. DeKnight, James Middleton, Sang Kyu Kim. Jupiter’s Legacy stars Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb, Ben Daniels, Elena Kampouris, Andrew Horton, Mike Wade, Matt Lanter, and Ian Quinlan.

Jupiter's Legacy WonderCon

Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem Expands the Netflix Adaptation

The next chapter in 2021’s Netflix global phenomenon begins with Mark Millar’s return to Jupiter’s Legacy for a sequel miniseries titled, Requiem. This new chapter in the critically acclaimed Jupiter’s Legacy universe will pick up story threads from the Netflix adaptation (streaming on May 7) and will hit shelves from Image Comics this June. It features art by Tommy Lee Edwards.

In Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem, Chloe and Hutch have gotten married and had more children. The superheroes are working in harmony with humanity and creating a perfect world. But all is not well in the Garden of Eden as the Sampson family gets ripped apart and the secrets of the Netflix show’s mysterious island begin to be revealed.

Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, June 16.

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