Around the Tubes

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How is everyone this morning?  A little hungover from St. Patty’s day or the pre-C2E2 partying?  Well, I am, so we’ll make this intro short and too the point…. enjoy.

Around the Blogs:

Geekweek – Michael Gough, Four Time Alfred, Dies – Some sad news.

Geekweek – Kevin Costner Confirmed For Jonathan Kent – So, it’s looking like Supes has two good looking adoptive parents (Diane Lane is playing his mom).

Geekweek – Bradley Cooper, Garrett Hedlund Among Contenders For DAREDEVIL – Cooper could be good. Who’s Hedlund?

Geekweek – Robert Pattinson For DAREDEVIL? – Absolutely, fucking not!

Comics Alliance – DC’s Blog Closes Comments, Gives Up On Even Trying To Talk to You Jerks – This is what you trolls get when you’re given something nice. Feel free to start a flame war here….

Comic Vine – DC and ComiXology Bring Digital Comics To Retailers – A new place for you folks to start flame wars.

Pioneer Press – Augusta man publishes own comic books – Well, that’s just super.. is it any good?

Geekweek – Brian Taylor Talks GHOST RIDER Sequel – Cause the first one was so good, it deserves a sequel.

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Paste Magazine – Comic Book & Graphic Novel Round-Up (3/16/11)

Comic Vine – Comic Book Reviews For The Week of 3/16/11

Comics Alliance – Whimsy vs. Grim and Gritty: Knight and Squire #6 / Iceman & Angel One-Shot

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