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Heroclix – Batman

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Wizkids has released a preview of it’s latest creation for the DC 75th Heroclix, Batman.

Batman HeroclixFrom the Wizkids website:

First, let’s look at that Paracape Special Power.  A Batman with Flight? Yes please! Combine that with his front-loaded Charge and Batman makes for an excellent early-game attacker.

Batman’s Smoke Cloud Maneuver Special Power also allows him and a friendly figure named “Robin” to reposition under the cover of smoke! As most fans who enjoy playing Bat-Ally teams will attest, the ability to place Smoke Cloud tokens and move is very useful, especially when it can be done as a Free Action!

That’s not all, with consistent combat values all down through the dial, Batman is in the fight to win it.  Late-dial Perplex and Incapacitate ensures that he remains useful throughout the battle!

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