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Heroclix – White Lantern Sinestro

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Wizkids has released a preview of it’s latest creation for the DC 75th Heroclix, White Lantern Sinestro.

Heroclix White Lantern SinestroFrom the Wizkids website:

Solid and consistent combat values, the ability to move and attack on more than half his dial, and the Quintessence Team Ability all make for a formidable foe.  Consider also his White Sword and LIVE! special powers, both which allow Sinestro to stay on the battlefield longer, while also dealing out damage (in the case of the former).


Heroclix – Gleek and Grodd

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Wizkids has released a preview of it’s latest creation for the DC 75th Heroclix, Gleek and Grodd.

Heroclix GleekHeroclix GroddFrom the Wizkids website:

Fans familiar with Gleek may recall his penchant for being as much a hindrance as he was helpful, and this is represented by his Trait: What’s the Monkey Doing Here? I’m So Confused… If the Wonder Twins aren’t present to manage him, Gleek can be a bit of a nuisance, allowing your opponent to modify a single combat value on a figure of their choice by +1 or –1.  While Gleek does have Perplex for his entire dial and that is pretty useful, I think making sure Zan and Jayna are around to keep an eye on him may be the way to go!


At 116 points, Grodd packs a potent psychic punch for a very economical value! Front loaded TK eventually gives way to Super Strength and Outwit, and finally his Attack values take a boost as he unleashes his mental fury in the form of Psychic Blast as he picks up Willpower mid-dial!

And let’s not overlook his Trait: My Mind is Stronger.  Damage from Penetrating/Psychic Blast attacks is ignored by Grodd as well as attempts to use Telekinesis (Option 1) against him!  If that wasn’t enough, Grodd’s mental powers also prevent mind controlled figures from targeting him with an attack!

Heroclix – Barry Allen Flash

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Wizkids has released a preview of it’s latest creation for the DC 75th Heroclix, Barry Allen Flash.

Heroclix Barry Allen FlashFrom the Wizkids website:

Front loaded Hypersonic Speed eventually gives way to Barry’s “Around the World” special power which allows for some pretty interesting tactics.  A Flurry special power that allows you to place Barry where he’ll do the most good is an incredible asset to any force!

Of course, you may not even see Barry’s special power as he’s not going to be an easy target for your opponents.  Even if they are somehow able to catch him, hitting Barry’s 18 Defense won’t be easy thanks to his front loaded Super Senses! And after that, Barry applies his knowledge of speed tactics to good use in the form of Combat Reflexes!

Heroclix – Zamaron and Queen Aga’Po

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Wizkids has released a preview of it’s latest creation for the DC 75th Heroclix, Zamaron and Queen Aga’Po.

Heroclix Zamaron

Heroclix Queen Aga'PoFrom the Wizkids website:

At just 67 points the Zamaron warriors are a great asset to various forces, whether you’re running a Violet Lantern or Cosmic theme team, or if your strategy is like mine you’ll take advantage of those “blue” powers and maximize the use of their Incapacitate and Mind Control!Consistent combat values, a diverse power selection, and the potential to damage even the most invulnerable of foes on almost every click means that the Zamarons are more than able to protect their Queen.

Queen Aga’Po is a force to be contended with.  At 166 points, she is one of the least expensive figures with the Quintessence TA and also presents a nice “double-whammy” option for players choosing to field a Violet Lantern/Mind Control team.  Queen Aga’Po’s “Love Never Hurts” special power prevents feedback damage to her Violet Lanterns provided they use Mind Control on targets of less than 200 points, and her own “Paralyzing Love” special power adds injury to insult by placing an action token on targets of her own Mind Control!

Combine that with great combat values, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, and some late dial Outwit and Regeneration and you have a great powerhouse to lead your Violet Lantern Corps into battle!

Heroclix – Atrocitus

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Wizkids has released a preview of it’s latest creation for the DC 75th Heroclix, Atrocitus.

Heroclix AtrocitusFrom the Wizkids website:

His “Burn Through Defenses” Trait allows Atrocitus to more readily damage his foes, while his Indomitable ability enables him to attack turn almost every turn.

Front loaded Charge and Super Strength gets him into battle quickly for some first strike terror, and early to mid-dial Blades/Claws/Fangs gives you the option of trying for more than his printed 3 damage! Or, pair Atrocitus with the Red Lantern special object and pump his damage up by +1 thanks to his ever-present Battle Fury!

Heroclix – Detective Chimp

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Wizkids has released a preview of it’s latest creation for the DC 75th Heroclix, Detective Chimp.

Heroclix Detective ChimpFrom the Wizkids website:

His early dial Outwit and Occult Investigator Special Powers are wonderful representations of his cognitive abilities while his Trait (“No One Touches the Monkey”) shows off his physical prowess and keeps Detective Chimp mobile and hard to hit.

Combine that with some early dial Stealth and you have a great addition to your Shadowpact, Mystical, Animal, or (my personal fave) Detective Theme teams!

Heroclix – Beast Boy

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Wizkids has released a preview of it’s latest creation for the DC 75th Heroclix, Beast Boy.

Heroclix Beast BoyHeroclix Beast Boy AnimalHeroclix Beast Boy CheetahHeroclix Beast Boy T-RexFrom the Wizkids website, here’s what Beast Boy can do:

Morph: Beast Boy allows you to switch out Gar for any one of his other forms also found in this set!

Opening Charge and almost full-dial Blades/Claws/Fangs gives this figure sufficient bite for your points! A mid-dial Bear Hug (Plastciity) prevents your opponents from easily getting away and then there’s that Trait again.

Hypersonic Speed may seem an odd fit for a regular Cheetah, but it’s definitely apt given Gar’s superhuman nature and his experience with his powers.  The late-dial Flurry and Blades/Claws/Fangs is always a welcome sight as well.  Either way, you’ll enjoy running around the map harassing your foes with Beast Boy’s Cheetah form.

Solid combat values all down the dial and a great array of powers make the T-Rex form every bit as imposing as it should be.  The CHOMP! Special Power is especially handy as it allows you to target multiple opposing figures with one attack (my, what big teeth he has!) and even re-roll the attack once if you target more than one character!

And after all of that, if Beast Boy takes damage over the course of the game, you can revert back to “BB-Prime” and use the Titans TA to heal him up!  And let’s not forget that Outsiders TA as well.

Heroclix – Gorilla City Warrior and Solovar

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Wizkids has released a preview of it’s latest creation for the DC 75th Heroclix, Gorilla City Warrior and Solovar.

Heroclix Gorilla City WarriorSolovarFrom the Wizkids website:

the Gorilla City Warrior is a formidable piece to bring to the battlefield.  At 56 points, the Gorilla City Warrior commands early-game mobility as well as the ever-useful Super Strength.  Use Rip It Up in your Golden Age games and gain an even greater advantage as your horde of Gorilla City Warriors tear up the map to gain objects to smite your foes with!Also, the Minion special power “Solovar or Grodd?” reflects the different tactics the Gorilla City Warrior will use depending on who’s in charge! Pair the Gorilla City Warriors up with Grodd, and they use the less benign Penetrating/Psychic Blast against their enemies.  But lead them with the just King Solovar, and the Gorilla City Warrior will instead opt to Incapacitate their foes instead!

Or split the difference and use both Grodd and Solovar to lead your Gorilla City force!


Solovar demonstrates the value of wisdom as he brings both early-game Leadership to the table as well as mid-dial Outwit.  With very consistent combat values down the dial and the Indomitable ability, Solovar is sure to be a fierce combatant!

Super Senses and Toughness will help keep the revered King of Gorilla City in the game while late-dial Penetrating/Psychic Blast allows Solovar to hold the line and defend his people.

Heroclix – Batman

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Wizkids has released a preview of it’s latest creation for the DC 75th Heroclix, Batman.

Batman HeroclixFrom the Wizkids website:

First, let’s look at that Paracape Special Power.  A Batman with Flight? Yes please! Combine that with his front-loaded Charge and Batman makes for an excellent early-game attacker.

Batman’s Smoke Cloud Maneuver Special Power also allows him and a friendly figure named “Robin” to reposition under the cover of smoke! As most fans who enjoy playing Bat-Ally teams will attest, the ability to place Smoke Cloud tokens and move is very useful, especially when it can be done as a Free Action!

That’s not all, with consistent combat values all down through the dial, Batman is in the fight to win it.  Late-dial Perplex and Incapacitate ensures that he remains useful throughout the battle!

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