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Heroclix – Gorilla City Warrior and Solovar

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Wizkids has released a preview of it’s latest creation for the DC 75th Heroclix, Gorilla City Warrior and Solovar.

Heroclix Gorilla City WarriorSolovarFrom the Wizkids website:

the Gorilla City Warrior is a formidable piece to bring to the battlefield.  At 56 points, the Gorilla City Warrior commands early-game mobility as well as the ever-useful Super Strength.  Use Rip It Up in your Golden Age games and gain an even greater advantage as your horde of Gorilla City Warriors tear up the map to gain objects to smite your foes with!Also, the Minion special power “Solovar or Grodd?” reflects the different tactics the Gorilla City Warrior will use depending on who’s in charge! Pair the Gorilla City Warriors up with Grodd, and they use the less benign Penetrating/Psychic Blast against their enemies.  But lead them with the just King Solovar, and the Gorilla City Warrior will instead opt to Incapacitate their foes instead!

Or split the difference and use both Grodd and Solovar to lead your Gorilla City force!


Solovar demonstrates the value of wisdom as he brings both early-game Leadership to the table as well as mid-dial Outwit.  With very consistent combat values down the dial and the Indomitable ability, Solovar is sure to be a fierce combatant!

Super Senses and Toughness will help keep the revered King of Gorilla City in the game while late-dial Penetrating/Psychic Blast allows Solovar to hold the line and defend his people.

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