Haters Gonna Hate on The 99

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We brought you the news first on how the bigoted right’s heads are exploding when it comes to the “Muslim” comic book series The 99.  So much so, one of the close minded, dickless hatemongers wished for my head to be cut off for covering the story and calling them out.  ICv2 is reporting that the cartoon series that was to debut on the new television station The Hub is being delayed and may never get released.

Andrea Peyser of the conservative New York Post, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch and News Corps. the parent company of Fox News, went on the attack after being alerted by the right wing blog post from Family Security MattersThe Street is reporting that this hate-mongering is enough to push the already delayed cartoon’s release into doubt.

Peyser went on her tirade, titled “Trading Cape for the Burqa,” sight unseen.  Her ill-informed rant starts off with a full frontal assault:

Hide your face and grab the kids. Coming soon to a TV in your child’s bedroom is a posse of righteous, Sharia-compliant Muslim superheroes — including one who fights crime hidden head-to-toe by a burqa. These Islamic butt-kickers are ready to bring truth, justice and indoctrination to impressionable Western minds.

Naif Al-Mutawa the creator of the series was inspired to create it after hearing a hate filled Imam.  Al-Mutawa, who’s been praised by President Obama for his positive work, says the series goal is to spread tolerance and understanding:

It is finally time that all of us became more accountable for that which our children will be hearing; tiny differences setting us apart rather than celebrating those positive things that bind all good people together. If we allow small-minded men to spout fear and hate in the name of our religion, we will enable them to brainwash another generation as they did our own. And soon, the next generation will fall into a pit of dissonance. To sit by silently makes us all complicit.

Peyser who defends the objectification of women (she wants more cleavage!) clearly has no fucking clue in what she’s talking about:

How can a secular nation endorse a children’s show aimed at pushing one religion?

A Times of London columnist wrote last year that the show’s mission was “to instill old-fashioned Islamic values in Christian, Jewish and atheist children.”

Then last month, the conservative Family Security Matters think tank published a piece titled “Meet the Muslim Superheroes Who Are Ready to Indoctrinate American Kids.”

Acknowledging Mustawa’s efforts to bridge cultures, editor Adrian Morgan asked, “Are we going to see ass-kicking Christian superhero nuns called Faith, Hope and Charity whooping sinners’ butts and sending Satan into hell? It’s doubtful.”

Well to answer that brilliant and misinformed statement, we already have “Christian” based characters and series such as Veggie Tales, Magdalena, Warrior Nun and so many more are examples than just those.  But don’t let facts stop you from your blind hate and disgust.  And how is this a “secular nation” endorsing a “children’s show”?  It’s a corporation seeing a possible market for a television series.  I thought you right wing folks believed in free markets and capitalism?  Guess not when you disagree with the product.

Peyser’s idiotic rant concludes:

“Muslim superheroes?” asked Rich Pecorella, who lost his fiancée on 9/11. “They’re dragging religion into an area that we don’t drag religion into in this country.”

Now we’re getting a comic book based on a wheelchair-bound Muslim superhero. What’s next?

I have no doubt Muslims are as fast and strong as any Supermen. But we don’t need religious icons masquerading as good guys.

Cancel “The 99” before it starts.

Comic books dipping into religion is nothing new.  Religious iconography is rampant and exists in comics.  If you were to pick one up, you might know that.  I ask is it the wheelchair that bothers her or is it the fact the person is Muslim?  The story behind that brought children of all kinds of backgrounds together and that’s what they came up with.  But again, why interrupt this with facts and actual context.  And no we don’t need religious icons masquerading as good guys, Jesus has that niche covered, we only need blind patriotic “American” characters like Captain America, dipshit.

Expect to see this firestorm hitting Fox News in 3…2…1…