Get a Comic Character Named After You for Charity

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Mark Millar SuperiorSay what you will about Mark Millar, but the man is dedicated to raising money for his brother’s charity.  He’s at it again, this time allowing to bid and have your name be the main character’s in his upcoming comic Superior.

Following in the footsteps of his auctions for the lead roles in Kick-Ass and Nemesis, Millar has pledged to give everything he can raise here and more towards a special needs unit in a school where his brother, Dr Bobby Millar, has been raising cash for handicapped children for several years.

“Resources are tight at all schools and hospitals in the current economic climate, but we had great success with the Kick-Ass and Nemesis auctions, and hopefully we can raise a similar sum again with this opportunity. To star as a comic-book hero is pretty cool and the intense movie-studio and production-company interest for “Superior” should bode well that whoever wins this auction will get their name out there in many other media too. Dave Lizewski is now an action figure and movie icon as well as a comic-book character and both Matt Anderson and Blake Morrow are delighted to find themselves as the leads in the upcoming Tony Scott adaptation of Nemesis. This could be your big chance and whatever money I receive from the auction will be added to with a private donation of my own and given to the school to celebrate the new term ahead.”

Be sure to bid for your chance to be Millarworld’s next big hit!

Again, a fantastic use of comics, and we applaud Millar for doing this not once, but now a total of three times.  Just great to see.

Head over to ebay to get your bid in which ends on September 9.

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