Support – American Terrorist: The Graphic Novel

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We’re going to start highlighting some of the various comic book projects currently seeking funding through Kickstarter.  Today’s spotlight is American Terrorist: The Graphic Novel (seemed like a good one to start with considering this blog’s subject matter).

Described as a story of “passion, activism, and political dissent” and is produced by the husband and wife team of Tyler and Wendy Chin-Tanner, art by Andy MacDonald, colors by Matt Wilson and published by A Wave Blue World.

Angered and frustrated with the current system, four American citizens adopt extreme tactics in order to expose and combat the injustices, corruption, greed, inequality they feel are ruining their nation.

Investigative reported Owen Graham, public school teacher Hannah Bloom, civil rights lawyer Michael Clar, and EPA scientist Shannon Lim view themselves as activists, even patriots when they go to extreme measures to enact change in their country. They are labeled many things by others, including terrorists. A battle of perception is waged over the internet as they try to walk the line between political protest and violent uprising.

You can actually read a preview and early chapters of the graphic novel before contributing.  The first full chapter is available at

With your pledge you receive all kinds of different gifts from a behind the scenes making of blog to being a named character in the comic.  As of 11pm on June 15 they have raised $1,672 of their $6,000 goal from 24 backers.  Your ability to pledge ends on Sunday June 27 at 6:15 EDT.  Get your pledge in today!