Hasbro Toy Roundup

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We posted up the latest entries to Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line of toys.  Here’s what you might of missed.

Marvel Super Hero Squad

MVL SHS Iron Fist and Black S-M

Iron Fist and Black Costume Spider-Man

Marvel Universe

MVL Iron Patriot PackagingMVL Iron S-M PackagingMVL Mary Jane Watson PackagingMVL Skrull Soldier PackagingMVL Spider-Man PackagingMVL Winter Soldier Packaging

Iron Patriot * Iron Spider-Man * Mary Jane Watson

Skrull Soldier * Spider-Man * Winter Soldier

MVL Iron Assault Truck PackagingMVL S-M Triple Battle Truck Packaging

Iron Man 2 Iron Assault Truck * Spider-Man Triple Battle Truck

Marvel Universe Comic Packs

MVL Secret Wars #4 Dark Phoenix and Cyclops PackagingMVL Secret Wars #4 Dark S-M and Wolverine Packaging

Cyclops and Dark Phoenix * Dark Wolverine and Dark Spider-Man