O X Revealed as Bendis and Maleev’s Scarlet

ScarletFor a few weeks now we’ve been teased with Marvel by a graphic sporting just an “O” and “X”.  Today it’s been revealed it’s related the Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev’s creator owned project Scarlet for Marvel’s Icon imprint.

The bi-monthly series will focus on the titular Scarlet, a woman who “is pushed down by a very corrupt government and finds herself with the strength she didn’t know she had to fight back, and her fight actually sparks a new American Revolution,” elaborates Bendis. “It’s a book that starts very small, but then gets very large very quickly. It was inspired in part by writers like Paddy Chayefsky, who [wrote the movie] ‘Network.’ He created this world that was almost a parody [of our own], and then all of a sudden [we realize] it’s actually the world we live in.”

Bendis is no stranger from political themes and exploring real world situations in his writing and Scarlet will be no exception exploring the grey areas in the world we live in.

“How would a modern society react to something like that? Could that happen in this country today? And how would it work? Would it be a political threat [or] would it be a corporatized threat? I mean, there’s a lot that could happen, and I thought this was a strong enough, big enough idea that it was worth going ahead on. It’s something I really wanted to write about, something I certainly wanted to read about, and I know some people will see this as some sort of statement about politics in this country and it’s not, it’s about this person. And much in the vein of ALIAS or my work on Jinx it’s hopefully a very strong female protagonist who doesn’t always have the right answer and struggles with it.”

Scarlet #1 hits stores in July.