Tuesday Twitter Fun – Obama, Tea Party, ACTA and Oni

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It’s a bonus round of Tuesday Twitter Fun.  It’s a mixed bag of issues below.

Comic blogger Cameron Hatheway commented on some of the vile statements members of the Tea Party called various elected officials on Saturday, http://twitter.com/CamComicCorner.

Cameron Hatheway

Comic writer Gerry Conway decided to speak out about the current secret deal being worked on about copyright.  ACTA would have major ripples on copyrights, fair use and intellectual property, http://twitter.com/gerryconway.

Gerry Conway
Kurt Busiek is new to Twitter but already he’s learning how much fun it can be when it comes to politics.  Welcome Kurt by following him at http://twitter.com/KurtBusiek.

Kurt Busiek

And finally Oni Press (who has shown they get new media) has some fun with President Obama and their announcement of the release of the newest Scott Pilgrim volume.  Giver Oni a well deserved follow at, http://twitter.com/onipress.

Oni PressOni Press