Another Nemesis Auction For Charity

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NemesisMark Millar recently auctioned off the chance to name the hero to his upcoming series Nemesis.  The auction netted $8,400 and the winner was art director Blake Morrow.  The fundraiser helped to fund Mark Millar’s brother’s attempt to buy a bus for disabled children he works with.

Now Millar is auctioning off the villain’s name on Ebay as well.

In 2008, Mark Millar made comic-book history when he offered fans a chance to be the superhero, Kick-Ass! Last week, Mark Millar again gave fans the opportunity to be the hero of his upcoming new series, “Nemesis,” drawn by best-selling artist Steve McNiven. “Nemesis” is about the fight between America’s smartest cop and the world’s one and only super-villain.Now that America’s smartest cop has a name, Dynamic Forces will once again host an auction for “Nemesis,” but this time the winner’s name will be used as the secret identity of the villainous Nemesis! And again all proceeds raised from this once-in-a-lifetime event will go directly into a special fund that will assist handicapped children.

“Can I just say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the first auction,” said Mark Millar. “The kids and staff at my brother’s school were delighted and the $8,400 raised means a quarter of their target has been reached already. I had chosen a good secret identity for Nemesis himself, but it seems almost selfish not to auction this now too and possibly reach the halfway line the kids need for this bus. I’m amazed how much cash was raised the first time around, but am hoping the auction to name the TITLE character raises even more. Dave Lizewski loves the fact he’s the lead in the Kick-Ass comic, movie and upcoming video-game and I’m hoping whoever wins this new auction is equally delighted. A huge thanks to them for finding the cash in these difficult times.”

“I’d like to say thank you to the readers of Mark’s comic books and to all those who have supported this cause by participating in the Nemesis auction,” stated Bobby Millar. “The money raised will go a long way towards helping the school buy a much-needed minibus for our youngsters. Many thanks also to the team behind the auction who have volunteered their talents in order to make the auction a huge success!” ,p>Millar has had amazing success with his creator-owned characters being picked up for movies and it was only a few years ago that Dave Lizewski was immortalized as the winning bidder for the Kick-Ass auction. Now, Dave will now be immortalized forever in comic books, movies, and upcoming video games and toys. Be sure to bid at (Insert Link) for one day only for your chance to be the next Dave Lizewski!

So get bidding, it’s FREE SHIPPING!