Stan Lee for Mayor

Stan Lee for MayorYou’ve seen the ads if you read Marvel comics, about electing various characters mayor and December 26th.  It turns out it’s all a tease for an upcoming episode of The Super Hero Squad Show.

This Saturday at 7:30 PM ET on Cartoon Network, the Mayor’s re-election bid goes awry when Egghead wins by a landslide (thanks to a little mass mind-control). But his reign at city hall makes life in Super Hero City a bureaucratic nightmare for heroes and villains alike. Wolverine and the Mayor are up against every hero and villain in a desperate attempt to free everyone from Egghead’s control and stop the villains’ planned invasion.

An the living legend Stan “The Man” Lee himself takes the lead role as he provides the voice of the Mayor!  The Marvel website has an interview with Lee about his role.