Review – Resurrection #5

Resurrection #5 CoverMarc Guggenheim’s Resurrection continues this week with the release of issue 5.  After the last issue’s revelation that President Clinton is still alive and well post alien invasion and occupation, the survivors must protect Clinton from the Road Agents in hopes of rebuilding the United States.

Oni Press’s official plot description from the press release of the issue:

The secret of Red Lion has been revealed! But is it too late? An attack by the barbarous Road Agents threatens to destroy the best hope the United States has for its own resurrection.

While the issue is primarily action, I’m sucked into seeing how Guggenheim will write the former President and the world he weaves pre-invasion/occupation, during the invasion/occupation, and post invasion/occupation.

Story: This is a pure action issue as the group must get President Clinton to safety.  What’s fantastic is even with this being a straight action issue, we learn more about Ben’s past and are left with a pretty unexpected ending.  What would be a boring action issue with little plot is book-ended with a fantastic opening and ending.  There’s also something fun seeing President Clinton wielding a pistol. Rating: 8

Art: As I said in my previous review of the series I’m not the biggest fan of the art but it’s growing on me.  The biggest draw back of this issue is random action panels that just show guns shooting from cars that doesn’t quite seem to add anything to the narrative. Rating: 6.5

Overall: I’ve become a fan of the series regardless of the involvement of former President Clinton.  The mix of the current turmoil, alien occupation, and the pre-invasion/occupation world weave an excellent narrative where you don’t know what will happen next. This issue Rating: 7.5

Recommendation: Buy

Oni Press provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.