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Preview – Resurrection #12

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The penultimate chapter of Book Three turns up the heat that will leave one of our longtime castmembers dead. Which one will it be? And which other longtime castmember will be guilty of the murder?

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Review – Resurrection #8

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Resurrection #8Marc Guggenheim has shaken up what would of been an average alien invasion/post apocalyptic story with the introduction of President Clinton as a main character.  The story has quickly shifted from surviving in a destroyed world to what happens to the government that’s filled the void when the last President of the United States returns.  Constitutional crisis’s and issues with succession abound.  But the story isn’t bogged down by arcane law that you’d never learn in the most advanced political science class.

But this issue deals with the events of last issue with the discovery of Baltimore, Spock and their statuses.  President Clinton must deal with the loss of his family and the possibility of losing his country.  And we learn a little bit more as to why he was locked in the vault.

The “Church of the Cosmos” arc continues as Bill Clinton takes revenge on the Bugs for the deaths of Hillary and Chelsea and Susanne has an encounter with Book One fan favorite, “Spock.”.

Plot: Marc Guggenheim has crafted an original tale in what could easily have been the usual “post destruction of the world” story.  The introduction of President Clinton as a character didn’t just up the possibilities of where stories can go but also added tension.  What’s even more brilliant is President Clinton is sharing the role of the “every person.”  To think the President of the United States can realistically fit that role shows the strength of Guggenheim’s writing ability.  Rating: 8.75

Art: Justin Greenwood’s art in this issue is better than the last few.  He’s been approving and becoming more consistent.  While there are times characters might not look like themselves it’s no longer a drag on the overall product.  It’s not the greatest but this is a series you’re reading for the story, not for the art.  Rating: 7

Overall: Again Guggenheim has thrown the series in a twist with the introduction of Baltimore and what that represents.  The series is now not s straightforward world post alien invasion, but now perspective has been added into it.  Is one person’s slayer another’s savior?  Overall Rating: 8

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 32    Price: $3.99     Release: Wednesday 2/17/2010

Oni Press provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.

Review – Resurrection #6

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Resurrection #6Marc Guggenheim’s Resurrection could easily just fall into the convention of a post apocalyptic world.  With his introduction of President Clinton as a regular cast member the focus is no longer a tale of survivors, but instead a story of rebuilding a nation ravaged by an alien invasion.  How does the return of the last President of the United States affect the landscape?  Can he bring all the factions together?

In the back up feature, we’re treated to a tale of one person’s mission to save “important works of art” for future generations.

From Oni Press:

After the dramatic attack on Red Lion, the survivors of the alien occupation have found a surprising player in the battle to restore civilization. But will conflict within their ranks rip them apart? Plus: What is Sara Lisco’s secret?

Plot: Marc Guggenheim has crafted an original tale in what could easily have been the usual “post destruction of the world” story.  With the introduction of President Clinton as a main character, the focus is no longer another Mad Max, instead we’re given political intrigue as our rag tag team attempts to reestablish leadership in a destroyed nation.  But, behind it all is a sense of foreboding that maybe not all’s right with oru protagonists. Rating: 8.75

Art: Justin Greenwood’s art is a drag on the series  While 99% of it is good, the occasional panel doesn’t look like the character it’s supposed to be.  For the most part Greenwood’s art is a pleasure to look at and doesn’t distract from Guggenheim’s story.  President Clinton is recognizable though not “picture perfect.”  The artwork for the series has been at least consistent.  Rating: 6.5

Overall: The introduction of President Clinton as a regular cast member is a political nerd’s dream.  The twist of a nation rebuilding after an alien invasion with a focus on the political ramifications is original and entertaining.  The series is worth a read from a writer well known in the comic and television industry.  Overall Rating: 7.75

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 32    Price: $3.99     Release: Wednesday 1/6/2010

Oni Press provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.

Review – Resurrection #5

Resurrection #5 CoverMarc Guggenheim’s Resurrection continues this week with the release of issue 5.  After the last issue’s revelation that President Clinton is still alive and well post alien invasion and occupation, the survivors must protect Clinton from the Road Agents in hopes of rebuilding the United States.

Oni Press’s official plot description from the press release of the issue:

The secret of Red Lion has been revealed! But is it too late? An attack by the barbarous Road Agents threatens to destroy the best hope the United States has for its own resurrection.

While the issue is primarily action, I’m sucked into seeing how Guggenheim will write the former President and the world he weaves pre-invasion/occupation, during the invasion/occupation, and post invasion/occupation.

Story: This is a pure action issue as the group must get President Clinton to safety.  What’s fantastic is even with this being a straight action issue, we learn more about Ben’s past and are left with a pretty unexpected ending.  What would be a boring action issue with little plot is book-ended with a fantastic opening and ending.  There’s also something fun seeing President Clinton wielding a pistol. Rating: 8

Art: As I said in my previous review of the series I’m not the biggest fan of the art but it’s growing on me.  The biggest draw back of this issue is random action panels that just show guns shooting from cars that doesn’t quite seem to add anything to the narrative. Rating: 6.5

Overall: I’ve become a fan of the series regardless of the involvement of former President Clinton.  The mix of the current turmoil, alien occupation, and the pre-invasion/occupation world weave an excellent narrative where you don’t know what will happen next. This issue Rating: 7.5

Recommendation: Buy

Oni Press provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.

Bill Clinton’s Resurrection

This week sees the release of issue #4 of Marc Guggenheim’s series Resurrection.  This issue is notable because it introduces former President Bill Clinton as a regular cast member.  This is not a publicity stunt, this is not a one-off, this is the 42nd President of the United State as a full time cast member.

Tensions mount as Red Lion is attacked by Road Agents. How will Susanne deal with the sudden arrival of her worst nightmares? The turmoil forces Ben and Sara to follow Morrell into the deeper recesses of the Red Lion Bank, where they discover the stakes are much, much higher than they knew.

I had a chance to read an advance copy of the upcoming issue and here’s my take:

Story: I’ve enjoyed Guggenheim’s story so far as it’s focus isn’t society in the immediate face of danger but instead how they deal when the danger has abated.  He’s consistently brought up the issue of Presidential succession, and the philosophical question of what makes up a country.  It very much reminds me of the television series Jericho which I was a huge fan of. Rating: 8.5

Art: The art is definitely the weaker spot of the series with inconsistent drawing.  The style is reminiscent of what you’d find in Hellboy but not as stylized.  It’s not bad, but not great. Rating: 6

Overall: If you enjoy post-apocalyptic stories or the television series Jericho, this comic book series is for you.  There’s just the hint of political process in the ongoing story of line of succession and constitutional rights with a nice mix of action. This issue Rating: 8

Recommendation: Buy

Oni Press provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.

President Clinton Joins Resurrection

Marc Guggenheim has written some good books and television shows.  His run on Young X-Men was underrated and Eli Stone was a television series that just never quite caught on and was canceled too soon.

His Oni Press series Resurrection gets a Presidential boost when the 42nd President of the United States joins the cast in issue #4.  The series takes place after an alien invasion and ten year occupation of Earth.

Oni has revealed that President Clinton will join the series as a regular cast member in the next issue.  His entrance will further complicate the struggle of rebuilding society post-invasion. Comic Book Resources spoke with writer Marc Guggenheim about what the President’s appearance will mean for the “Resurrection” cast.

President Clinton first appeared in the series in the first issue of volume 2.  While addressing the nation from Air Force One he was attacked by alien invaders.  What he’s been up to since that attack will be a central mystery of the series’ latest arc.

“I don’t want to spoil too much, obviously, but he does survive the crash landing of Air Force One. But there’s a very real question of whether he’s in charge of the country after that point,” Guggenheim told CBR.

With numerous groups jockeying for control of a rebuilding society how does the return of the last American President affect the order of things?

“One of the questions I want the characters to ponder is whether the Constitution is a document that can survive its physical destruction. Are laws something that are written down, or are they part of something more enduring? Interesting questions that I hope will make for an interesting story.”

There have been numerous appearances of Presidents in comic books with President Obama becoming a fad lately, helping to boost sales.  This might be the first instance of a President becoming a regular cast member of a series.

“For me, the challenge is remembering to write him the same way I would write any of the other characters in the book and not shy away from moments that make him seem real, human and/or vulnerable,” Guggenheim said. “The whole point in bringing Clinton into the book as a regular cast member is to treat him like a regular cast member. It’s tempting to put him on some kind of presidential pedestal, but even the ‘real life’ Clinton is, after all, just a man. I’m not making it a story point or anything, but he puts his pants on one leg at a time, y’know?”