Bill Clinton’s Resurrection

This week sees the release of issue #4 of Marc Guggenheim’s series Resurrection.  This issue is notable because it introduces former President Bill Clinton as a regular cast member.  This is not a publicity stunt, this is not a one-off, this is the 42nd President of the United State as a full time cast member.

Tensions mount as Red Lion is attacked by Road Agents. How will Susanne deal with the sudden arrival of her worst nightmares? The turmoil forces Ben and Sara to follow Morrell into the deeper recesses of the Red Lion Bank, where they discover the stakes are much, much higher than they knew.

I had a chance to read an advance copy of the upcoming issue and here’s my take:

Story: I’ve enjoyed Guggenheim’s story so far as it’s focus isn’t society in the immediate face of danger but instead how they deal when the danger has abated.  He’s consistently brought up the issue of Presidential succession, and the philosophical question of what makes up a country.  It very much reminds me of the television series Jericho which I was a huge fan of. Rating: 8.5

Art: The art is definitely the weaker spot of the series with inconsistent drawing.  The style is reminiscent of what you’d find in Hellboy but not as stylized.  It’s not bad, but not great. Rating: 6

Overall: If you enjoy post-apocalyptic stories or the television series Jericho, this comic book series is for you.  There’s just the hint of political process in the ongoing story of line of succession and constitutional rights with a nice mix of action. This issue Rating: 8

Recommendation: Buy

Oni Press provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.