Leave the Strength, Take the Flight

The fight between the Siegel estate and DC comics get’s weirder and weirder.  In the ongoing battle between the two Judge Stephen Larson issued a ruling Wednesday that grants rights to additional works Variety reports.

The first two weeks of the daily Superman newspaper comic strips, as well as portions of early Action Comics and Superman comic books are now back in control by the Siegels.  The Siegels now control depictions of Superman’s origins from the planet Krypton, his parents Jor-L and Lora, his infancy as Kal-L, the infamous launching of his escape ship and his landing on Earth after Krypton explodes.

In 2008 the Siegels had the rights to the basis of the Superman character (his costume and alter-ego), Lois Lane, the Daily Planet, and the love triangle of Clark/Superman and Lois (this one seems silly to me).

DC still owns Superman’s ability to fly, kryptonite (really I’d ssay his weakness now is lawyers), Lex Luthor, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White, his vision powers and expanded origins.

This all stems from Superman’s first appearance in 1938 and how the original deal between Siegel, Schuster, and DC was worked out.

What still needs to be determined is how much DC owes the Siegels from profits from Superman since 1999, when the Siegels gained half of the Superman copyright.  Schuster does not have any rights and thus does not retain any rights (bummer dude).

Copyright law dictates that full ownership of Superman reverts back to the Siegels in 2013 (I’d expect a massive offer from Marvel to try to steal the character away, at least I’d do it if I were in charge), which forces DC’s hand to produce a new Superman movie and even a Justice League movie into production by 2011.

But my question is who gets Mr. Myxzptlk in the divorce?