Batman and Superman Take on NYC Police

The New York Post brings us news that Batman and Superman decided to mix it up with some of New York City’s finest.  The scuffle started when police officers approached Superman, aka Maksim Katsnelson, and Batman, aka Frank Frisoli, to see if they had the required permits to perform in costume in public.

Neither of the individuals seemed to have the required permit, so Superman decided to take of running while screaming “I’m not getting arrested.”  After punching a female officer in the face it took seven officers to subdue the Man of Steel.  Batman was just handcuffed and let go after.

While Superman was arrested and went to a new Fortress of Solitude, aka jail, Batman walked off with another costumed character, the Statue of Liberty.

In this bizzaro world Superman was arrested while Batman got the girl.  Neither really seemed to understand their character going by this incident.