Choice Quotes

G.I. Joe #0

Chuckles – Never trust a Communist.  Even one who’s turned Capitalist.

Air #3

Narimar Representative – Narimar is a soveriegn nation now.  We have no quarrel with either of our neighbors —  We want only to be left in peace.

British Representative – A sovereign nation?  Narimar was a British colony for a century and befor that a part of India–

Narimar Representative – Lies.  Narimar never submitted to Indian rule.  We were a country of our own, recognized by the Kings of the nations of the Earth–

British Representative – Enough history, Jaraband.  We need to speak in maps and boundries.

DC Universe: Decisions #3

Huntress – But, if you had to go on record, whose ring do you throw your far too-stylish hat into?  Who’s your candidate?

Black Canary – Oh, it’s Brewster.  No contest.

Huntress – Really? Not Kate McClellan?

Black Canary – You mean “support the sisterhood,” gender solidarity and all that?

Huntress –  Yeah.  She’s the first woman with a real shot at the White House.

Black Canary -My vote’s too important to waste on an “it’s our time” symbolic gesture.  We aren’t electing a role model.  We’re electing a national leader.  And believe me, Davis Brewster is the leader we need right now.  Period.

Uncanny X-Men #503

Sam Guthrie – Did you know that it’s only been since the National Voting Rights Act of 1965 that African-Americans have been able to vote free from discriminatory practices?  It’s true.  Here’s to equality and tolerance, and funny old sayings your meemaw used to say that you don’t realize are kinda racist until it gets pointed out to you in a bar…

Guardians of the Galaxy #6

Skrull – We are followers of the martyr Anelle.  We deplore the aggressive tendencies of our mind.  The jihadist hardcore want us dead for our opposition to their schemes of conquest.