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Anti-Soviet Propaganda in Comic Form

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The website Conelrad Adjacent has a great piece of comic book history with Is This Tomorrow: America Under Communism. The comic book was created by the Catechetical Guild Educational in 1947.  Catechetical was founded by Father Louis Gales to distribute comic books with Catholic themes.

4 million copies were distributed in the 40’s.

The book tells the story of a Red sleeper cell that takes over America after a nation-crippling drought. The saboteurs place agents in the media, foment racial unrest, take over Congress, brainwash schoolchildren, and rig elections.

The 48 page comic book tells how Communists could take over America and involves such classics as the manipulation of the media.  Conelrad has a great break down of the plot which is to say awesome.  It’s one to definitely check out.

Is This Tomorrow

Choice Quotes

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Deadpool Pulp #1

J. Edgar Hoover – This is colossal!  With that crazy cheese-head McCarthy going on television to call everyone and their mother a communist!  The last thing we need is a rogue agent stealing a damn nuclear briefcase!

Friday Fun – Meet JFK The Comic Book

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Today’s Friday Fun is an interesting nugget of Presidential history.  Entitled, John F. Kennedy: New U.S. President, it’s goal was to introduce the newly elected President to the world.  Produced in 1961 it was distributed by the USIS (United States Information Service) to US Embassies.  Two copies have been found one from an embassy in Brussels Holland, another from Brisbane Australia.

The comic told the tail of his life with an interesting focus on his families international connections as well as his own.  Also, there’s an emphasis on his anti-Communist stance.

It’s a great piece of Presidential history and well worth the read and study.  It’s clear it was written for the time, political climate and the international audience.  Below is a sampling of some of the comic.

John F. KennedyJohn F. KennedyJohn F. KennedyJohn F. KennedyJohn F. Kennedy

You can read the full issue at http://www.ep.tc/jfk/.

Thanks for http://www.ep.tc/ and it’s amazing collection of these fantastic nuggets of history.

Friday Fun – Christians Versus Communists

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Today is the latest edition of Friday Fun, where we look at a historical comic book that is tied into politics somehow.  Today’s entry is Two Faces of Communism.  Produced by the Christian Anti-Communism Crusade this 32 page comic book was released in 1961, well into the Cold War.  Based in Houston, Texas the CACC was formed by Australian-born Fred Schwarz.  Schwarz gained fame in the 50’s and 60’s as a red baiter.

Two Faces of Communism was one of only two comic books the CACC produced, but not the only anti-Communist literature it produced.

A great piece of hysteria and propaganda to come out of the Cold War.  Below is a sampling of some of the comic.

Two Faces on CommunismTwo Faces on CommunismTwo Faces on CommunismTwo Faces on CommunismTwo Faces on CommunismTwo Faces on Communism

You can read the full issue at http://www.ep.tc/problems/27/index.html.

Thanks for http://www.ep.tc/ and it’s amazing collection of these fantastic nuggets of history.

Choice Quotes

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DMZ #50

Tourist – What I mean is a truly comprehensive set of tools for citizens, all citizens, that speak to the future… to, god willing, a happier and more peaceful time.  We can do it, we can liberate the masses through information technology!

Marvel Boy: The Uranian #2

Agent Belgard- We don’t torture spies in this country, you’re thinking of your commie hellhole!

Choice Quotes

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Deadpool Team-up #897

Deadpool – This is about as fun as a Sarah Palin rally.

Marvel Boy: The Uranian #1

Uranian: Based on transmissions I have listened to, the citizenry seem gripped by xenophobia.  Likely the result of extended world war.  I was asked several times if I was a Soviet or member of the Communist Party.  The jingoism here is strange to me.

Siege #1

Norman Osborn – Asgard is in a position to threaten America and the American way of life.

Hawkeye – So is McDonald’s.  Should we invade that too?

Siege: Embedded #1

Ben Urich – Then one of Chicago’s finest put me in the back of his car.  Said they had a list of which press was allowed into the site.

Will Stern – Go America.  Go freedom of the press.

Choice Quotes

Captain America Theater of War: America First!

Senator Joseph R. McMurphy – That’s right my fellow patriots — I said betrayed.  Our heritage if freedom is being sold down the river by the very men in whom we placed our sacred trust… Men who feel we can treat with, the Reds… Who say the Soviet Union is simple another form of Government… a philosophy as different from our way of life as a monarchy… but qualitatively a viable nation of laws.  Well, to these fellow travelers, parlor pinks, nancy boys and traitors, I say no.


Nick Fury – It seems to me whole you were sitting on your fat keister over here — the guys you’re smearin’ were dyin’ over there to give you the right to say what you please — and their combat duty gives them the right to vote however they please, too.

Green Lantern: Wanted Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan – And remembering something John McCain said — “We are taught to understand correctly, that courage is not the absence of fear, but the capacity for action despite our fears.”

Umbrella Academy: Dallas #2

Kraken – He’s deceptive and impulsive — he’s way too good with a gun, and I’d bet my good eye he’s a commie.

Choice Quotes

G.I. Joe #0

Chuckles – Never trust a Communist.  Even one who’s turned Capitalist.

Air #3

Narimar Representative – Narimar is a soveriegn nation now.  We have no quarrel with either of our neighbors —  We want only to be left in peace.

British Representative – A sovereign nation?  Narimar was a British colony for a century and befor that a part of India–

Narimar Representative – Lies.  Narimar never submitted to Indian rule.  We were a country of our own, recognized by the Kings of the nations of the Earth–

British Representative – Enough history, Jaraband.  We need to speak in maps and boundries.

DC Universe: Decisions #3

Huntress – But, if you had to go on record, whose ring do you throw your far too-stylish hat into?  Who’s your candidate?

Black Canary – Oh, it’s Brewster.  No contest.

Huntress – Really? Not Kate McClellan?

Black Canary – You mean “support the sisterhood,” gender solidarity and all that?

Huntress –  Yeah.  She’s the first woman with a real shot at the White House.

Black Canary -My vote’s too important to waste on an “it’s our time” symbolic gesture.  We aren’t electing a role model.  We’re electing a national leader.  And believe me, Davis Brewster is the leader we need right now.  Period.

Uncanny X-Men #503

Sam Guthrie – Did you know that it’s only been since the National Voting Rights Act of 1965 that African-Americans have been able to vote free from discriminatory practices?  It’s true.  Here’s to equality and tolerance, and funny old sayings your meemaw used to say that you don’t realize are kinda racist until it gets pointed out to you in a bar…

Guardians of the Galaxy #6

Skrull – We are followers of the martyr Anelle.  We deplore the aggressive tendencies of our mind.  The jihadist hardcore want us dead for our opposition to their schemes of conquest.

Choice Quotes

A light week for quotes.  Both come from The Invincible Iron Man #4:

On a gathering of various terrorists:

We’ve got Kashmiris…Crazy cracker separatist trash.  A handful of Basque… And even Communists from Peru.  My Lord Zeke.  It’s like an ideological Beneton Ad out there.

And showing sometimes comic book writers sometimes have brilliant ideas on how to fix the world (WARNING SPOILER):

Tony Stark: Did you know there are some places in Africa where you’ve got a machine for every thirty-five people?  To say nothing of the warehouses and supply lines you’ve established over generations?  All the governments and N.G.O.s in the world can’t get as established in the third world as you guys.

Cola Exec: Mr. Stark… You’re buying us for our vending machines to sell a drink you don’t even like?

Tony Stark: No.  I’m buying you for vending machines from which we’ll distribute retrovirals and — Once we get it — The AIDS Vaccine.  All across the third world.  Your vending machines are gonna save more lives than the Berlin Airlift.