Anti-Soviet Propaganda in Comic Form

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The website Conelrad Adjacent has a great piece of comic book history with Is This Tomorrow: America Under Communism. The comic book was created by the Catechetical Guild Educational in 1947.  Catechetical was founded by Father Louis Gales to distribute comic books with Catholic themes.

4 million copies were distributed in the 40’s.

The book tells the story of a Red sleeper cell that takes over America after a nation-crippling drought. The saboteurs place agents in the media, foment racial unrest, take over Congress, brainwash schoolchildren, and rig elections.

The 48 page comic book tells how Communists could take over America and involves such classics as the manipulation of the media.  Conelrad has a great break down of the plot which is to say awesome.  It’s one to definitely check out.

Is This Tomorrow

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