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The Dark Knight ARG Continues

Citizens for Batman

In Frank Miller’s the Dark Knight Returns we saw the writer take on some of the citizen reaction to Batman’s return to Gotham. It looks like Chris Nolan’s upcoming movie the Dark Knight might be incorporating part of that story in his latest take on Batman.

Continuing the very political Alternate Reality Game (ARG), a website called Citizens for Batman has popped up online. The first thing I notice is the site is a .org and not the usual .com. It’s a protest site praising the work Batman has done for the citizens of Gotham proclaiming, “Don’t Let City Hall Arrest Batman!”.

The political portion is pretty clear:

Batman has been called many things – a menace, a legend, an enigma – but, the one title that seems to follow him wherever he goes is “vigilante.” Because of this label, Batman has been unfairly dogged by the Gotham authorities for far too long. But now, voters have the chance to help him do his job. Proposition D will require the Gotham Police to turn their priorities from so-called “vigilantes” and make them focus their efforts on the real criminals. So, when you go to the polls, say “yes” to a safer city, say “yes” to supporting a true hero and say “yes” to Prop D.

The site also sports a forum with this post from June 13th:

Looks like we didn’t do it! Proposition D is going down. This stinks! How could people have done this!

Much like the campaign site for Harvey Dent, the blurring of real world politics and the greater Batman storyline is blurred as discussion of civic engagement, best practices on how to engage people, and how to register to vote are discussed.

Overall kudos to Warner Bros. and the company running their ARG. I do wonder the spill over of this imaginary civic engagement and any real civic engagement in the real world. Any chance this story has driven real life action and engagement?