Random Political References

I just finished book 4 of Fables. A brilliant series following all of your childhood fantasy figures living in a secret society in the real world. I laughed at this random political exchange in the book.

Son: Is it a parade?

Mother: I don’t think so. Maybe a demonstration?

Father: No, they’re all too white to be Black Pride or Latino Pride or Asian Pride.

Mother: They’re all well dressed. Could they be gay pride?

Father: I doubt it. Their suits are way too conservative.

Son: And they have all those guns.

Father: Oh my god! You’re right! It finally happened! It’s the young Republicans! They’re marching in — taking over New York!

Mother: Just like when they marched on Paris in ’39.

Son: Weren’t those the Nazis?

Mother: Is there a difference?

Son: Does this mean we get Giuliani back?