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Middle-Grade Graphic Novel Goblin is Out in 2021

A young, headstrong goblin embarks on a wild journey of loss, self-discovery, and sacrifice in Goblin, a new middle-grade graphic novel adventure by Eric Grissom and Will Perkins, the creative minds behind Gregory Suicide.

One fateful night a sinister warrior raids the home of the young goblin Rikt, leaving him orphaned. Angry and alone, Rikt vows to avenge the death of his parents and seeks a way to destroy the culprit. As he finds aid from unlikely allies throughout his journey, Rikt discovers the secret power hidden in the heart of the First Tree. Will Rikt survive the trials that await him on his perilous journey to the First Tree? And is Rikt prepared for the awakening he may find there?

Goblin is a fantasy story like no other about overcoming great odds and finding light in even the darkest places. Goblin arrives in your local comic shop on May 26, 2021, and bookstores on June 8, 2021, for $14.99.


215 Ink Announces GoryBooks!

215 Ink has announced GoryBooks, a series of children’s book-style adaptations of iconic horror properties that explore the foundations of fright through poetic prose and intriguing illustrations inspired by the children’s classics of yesteryear. In this children’s book-style take on George A. Romero’s classic horror film, a group of strangers barricade themselves in an old farmhouse to ward off an encroaching plague of flesh-eating zombies. Featuring charming illustrations by 215 Ink’s very own art director Will Perkins and hypnotizing prose by editor-in-chief Mike D. PerkinsNight of the Living Dead is the debut installment in the GoryBooks series.

The main cover is also by Will Perkins (Dark Horse Books’ “Gregory Suicide”, and “Goblin”), with variant covers by Giles Crawford and ibTrav Artworks – AKA Travis Falligant, known for his Disney-characters-gone-horror pieces, as well as his Horror Babies lineup.

Review: Gregory Suicide

The obsolete AI program Gregory wakes in a newly cloned body to a world now unfamiliar to him and is haunted by the memories of his past lives, each one ending in death by his own hand. On the path to discovering the truth about himself, Gregory slips into the trenches of two opposing forces that want to exploit him. In the end, he must take down an AI revolution before it wipes out humanity, and the key to doing so may only lie in the strange visions he has between life and death.

Just the title, Gregory Suicide, was enough to have me intrigued to read this new graphic novel. Written by Eric Grissom with art by Will Perkins and published by Dark Horse, it’s a Philip K. Dick inspired story about artificial intelligence with a twist. I’m not giving that twist up, you’ll just need to read it and it takes a while to get to that eventual reveal.

The story itself is straightforward in that an artificial intelligence wakes up and escapes which is odd in a world that has mastered this concept and controlling their releases. This AI is different though and as the story progresses it becomes more and more clear how special he is. Things pivot to the expected take the evil corporation down but despite the story being somewhat predictable what’s really interesting is what is underneath.

Much like some of the best sci-fi, this graphic novel explores themes and concepts using the narrative as a platform of discussion. Class and caste are discussed, the replacement of workers by robots is present, but what defines life seems to be the main one driving the story. Again, we’ve see that explored in other places but it’s done in some interesting ways here that are entertaining and unexpected. It definitely takes its main theme in interesting directions with the “suicide” aspect.

The art by Will Perkins is solid and has a style about it that reminds me of Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt. The characters all are very unique and the world itself feels like a slightly broken future without going too heavy handed pointing out how. There’s lots of solid details that stand out making the world feel very lived in.

I didn’t know what to expect reading this and came out the other side really impressed with a sci-fi story that entertains and challenges in some ways. There’s a solid mix of it all here and the philosophical elements of it all makes the graphic novel stand out.

Story: Eric Grissom Art: Will Perkins
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

Dark Horse provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Review: Gregory Suicide

gs01Immortality and reincarnation are popular themes throughout pop culture. The possibility of living generations without the inevitable defeat of death is a scary and enviable idea, which has been explored many times. The theme of the hero who wants to find the endgame and the world that will never understand him. This has made franchises out of Highlander and Anne Rice’s Vampire series and even has played out on TV, on shows like New Amsterdam and Forever.

Gregory Suicide, the new one shot comic by Eric Grissom and Will Perkins, aims to revisit some of the same themes but in a world filled with shadows and heists. Within the first few pages, we are introduced to Gregory, while on an operation for the shadow organization that employs him. We also find out within the first few pages, where he got his name. To the average reader, this might seem like a troubling premise, but within this creative team’s hands, it soars.

Gregory, has been on 36 missions, and has transferred into 36 bodies, which has made his organization very successful due to his efforts. He recalls his most memorable missions throughout the book and the reader is reminded of the cost to his mind and overall sanity. This book peaks into Gregory’s mind as his sanity slowly loses grip. By book’s end, the reader is ultimately assured that Gregory has a strong sense of self despite what he is endured.

The story by Grissom is a an interesting ride , as he takes you on the various missions that Gregory has been on, while providing the reader of who he is at the same time. The art by Perkins is a wonderful companion to the story, as it is perfect for this otherworldly story. This team of talents has provided enough heart and grit to make the story more than the average thriller. Overall, an interesting story which I wish was more than a one shot.

Story: Eric Grissom Art: Will Perkins
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Frankenstein’s Daughter provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Review: Gregory Suicide

gs01When trying to describe Gregory Suicide without giving anything away about the comic’s plot or story, I found that it is a somewhat difficult task. What isn’t difficult is recommending the Gregory Suicide  one shot to you, but to do so without any spoilers whatsoever?

That’s not as easy as you’d think.

The brilliance of the comic is so intrinsically tied to the story that to give you any real hint or synopsis would take away from the story itself.  I went in completely blind to this comic, having nothing but the name and the cover to go by and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Eric Grissom has crafted a story that is absolutely worth reading, and while I noticed some very interesting themes running through out the comic, I don’t particularly want to talk about them because I don’t want to influence your expectations when reading the comic.

What I can talk about, however, is Will Perkins art work. It has an almost clinically whimsical feel that isn’t overburdened by heavy line work and fits so effortlessly with the story that I didn’t really notice how well it suited, and how effortlessly the details were captured in the back grounds and faces of the characters as the live their lives on the page until I had read the comic a second time.

Published by Frankenstein’s Daughter, the Gregory Suicide one shot is a really good comic book, and it costs less than a dollar (okay, it’s $0.99, but that’s still less than a dollar!). Compared to many other digital releases at four times the price, this is be a must buy for anybody who is interested in not only quality independent comic books, but for fans of comic books in general. Before you think the price is adding to my enthusiasm, I would give you the same recommendation regarding the Gregory Suicide one shot if it was $3.99; that it’s only a dollar is the icing on a very tasty cake.

Gregory Suicide is a one shot comic book, and while it is a self contained entirely whole story, it feels as if the creators have more to tell us about this world and the characters within it.

I hope they do.

The Gregory Suicide one shot will be available exclusively on ComiXology on August 5th for $0.99.

Story: Eric Grissom Art: Will Perkins Cover Colour: Phil Sloan
Story: 9 Art: 8 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Buy


Frankenstein’s Daughter provided Graphic Policy a FREE copy for review

Preview: Planet Gigantic: New World Home TPB


Writer(s): Eric Grissom
Artist Name(s): David Halvorson, Will Perkins, Phil Sloan
Cover Artist(s): David Halvorson
128 pgs./ FC/ Teen

Two genetically engineered teenage astronauts crash land on a fantastic planet and are forced to grow up in a world filled with rock monsters, giant insects, smoke ninjas, and a cruel Queen who wants their powers. And that’s just on the first day. Collects PLANET GIGANTIC #1-4.


Beware 215 Ink’s Next Big Thing!

215 Ink has announced their next big release, Beware … Vol.1: Citizen Science! The volume collects the first three issues of the lauded science-fiction adventure series, along with dozens of pages of additional unreleased shorts, art, pinups and more! Alien invasion. Fungal mutation. Quantum abduction through time and space. All part of everyday life in the otherwise idyllic American town of Haven Hallows. The adventure begins here.

What is Beware …?

In the spirit of the classic EC horror and sci-fi comics of the 40s and 50s, Beware … is a series of “experiments” all set in the same town of Haven Hallows. Each related 1-shot offers a glimpse of life in a town founded on science and faltered by fear. If science is the source of calamity, Beware … is your survival manual.

beware vol 1