Beware 215 Ink’s Next Big Thing!

215 Ink has announced their next big release, Beware … Vol.1: Citizen Science! The volume collects the first three issues of the lauded science-fiction adventure series, along with dozens of pages of additional unreleased shorts, art, pinups and more! Alien invasion. Fungal mutation. Quantum abduction through time and space. All part of everyday life in the otherwise idyllic American town of Haven Hallows. The adventure begins here.

What is Beware …?

In the spirit of the classic EC horror and sci-fi comics of the 40s and 50s, Beware … is a series of “experiments” all set in the same town of Haven Hallows. Each related 1-shot offers a glimpse of life in a town founded on science and faltered by fear. If science is the source of calamity, Beware … is your survival manual.

beware vol 1

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