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Radical: My Year With a Socialist Senator– Graphic Novelist Sofia Warren

NY’s 1st Socialist State Senator in 100 years, get’s the graphic novel treatment in Sofia Warren‘s new graphic memoir — Radical: My Year With a Socialist Senator

New York, Socialism, community organizing and COMICS are near the top of my list of interests so I’m excited to have cartoonist Sofia Warren on the show to talk about her book. Reading this graphic memoir might make you feel a little more hopeful and inspired and certainly a lot more well informed about how political organizing can win change for the better at the local level — no matter where you are.

Here’s Sofia’s instagram.

And here’s the Opertation Save Abortion online event July 17 I promotes in my intro.

Review: Radical: My Year With a Socialist Senator

Sofia Warren follows first-year New York State Senator Julia Salazar on her journey from organizer to elected official. The graphic novel perfectly captures the experience of working in politics.

Story: Sofia Warren
Art: Sofia Warren

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Radical: My Year with a Socialist Senator

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Sofia Warren Follows a First-Year State Senator on Her Unforgettable Journey from Outsider to Insider in Radical: My Year with a Socialist Senator

What’s it like to be on the inside of politics? Campaigns and the day-to-day business of governing is unlike anything else out there when it comes to work. Sofia Warren‘s graphic memoir, Radical: My Year with a Socialist Senator, peels back that curtain opening up a world few know but everyone is impacted by.

In early 2018, cartoonist Sofia Warren was not paying attention to New York state politics. But that summer, her Brooklyn neighborhood began buzzing about Julia Salazar, a 27-year-old democratic socialist running for state senate whose grassroots campaign was inspiring an army of volunteers. When they beat the odds and won, Warren found herself wondering what would happen next. How does it work when an outsider who runs on revolutionary change has to actually do the job? So she decided to find out.

A graphic memoir to be published by Top Shelf Productions in June 2022Radical: My Year with a Socialist Senator is a remarkable first-hand account of Warren’s experience embedded with Julia Salazar and her staff during their first year in office. From candid conversations and eyewitness experiences, Warren builds a gripping and intimate portrait of a scrappy team of community organizers battling entrenched power structures, particularly to advance Julia’s marquee issue of housing rights.

At every key point during the year — setting up an office, navigating insider politics, public pushback, testy staff meetings, emotional speeches, protest marches, setbacks, and victories — Warren is up close and personal with Julia and her team, observing, questioning, and drawing, as they try to translate their ideals into concrete legislation. Along the way, Warren works toward answers to deeper questions: what makes a good leader? What does it mean to be a part of a community? Can democracy work? How can everyday people make change happen?

All these themes will be explored — with nuance, compassion, and humor — next June in Sofia Warren’s remarkable debut.