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The Impure Comes to Comic Shops in March from Ralf Singh, Hannes Radke, Marc Schmitz, and Scout Comics

Twenty years ago Castor, homeworld to the siblings Nero and Minerva, was destroyed by aliens. Eventually they join the dreaded ITO, the spearhead of the Earth Forces, to ensure something like this will never happen again.

But when Minerva betrays her brother and all they ever believed in, it is up to Nero to stop his sister before she reaches the alien alliance. For what Minerva has stolen may well turn the tides of war and spell humanity’s downfall.

The Impure is a four-book miniseries published by Scout ComicsNonstop! imprint that follows the story of a devoted soldier in an interstellar war, whose world begins to fall apart while he begins to question his own loyalty.

The Impure is out this March from writer Ralf Singh, art by Hannes Radke, colors by Singh, and lettering by Marc Schmitz and Singh. It features covers by Hannes Radke and Ralf Singh, Miki Montlló, and Alexander Artin.

The Impure

Don Handfield Joins Scout Comics as They Expand with Six New Imprints

Scout Comics & Entertainment Inc. has announced that it’s expanding its operations in 2020. Producer and writer Don Handfield has joined Scout as a partner, co-owner, and board member. He will also serve as Chief Media Officer, helping the company further expand into new media, film, and television. Additionally, Scout is launching six new specialty imprints as it seeks to bolster its presence in the direct comic market as well as diving full force into the brick & mortar bookstore and e-retailer markets.

Handfield is the co-creator and Executive Producer of History Channel’s drama series Knightfall, one of the top cable drama launches of 2017. He also produced The Founder starring Michael Keaton. Handfield’s first comic series The Rift, was picked up by Steven Spielberg and Amblin; and his second series The Mall, published by Scout, was picked up by Ivan Reitman. Handfield is also behind The Source from Scout, and The Dark Age at Red 5 Comics, which was optioned by Armory Films (Mudbound, Peanut Butter Falcon). On the film side, Handfield is currently producing along with Marc Platt (LA LA LAND) the adaptation of Switched On, the critically-acclaimed book from John Elder Robison at Focus Features with Emma Frost (The White Queen) adapting. Handfield is also producing the US-remake of top grossing Vietnamese horror film Housemaid alongside CJ Entertainment from a script that was adapted for the US market by Academy-Award winning writer Geoffrey Fletcher.

The six new Scout imprints include:


Outsider Comics began as a physical retail space in Seattle, committed to showing that comics are for everyone. Run by Jill Taplin, the Outsider imprint will focus on celebrating creators and stories that are underrepresented in sequential storytelling today.

We’re excited to play a part in sharing these perspectives and helping to make comics more inclusive

-Jill Taplin


Black Caravan will explore the darker side of creator-owned comics, high end art books, and collectibles. The horror imprint’s co-Publishers, Joseph Schmalke, and Rich Woodall, are both veterans of independent publishing, including their current Scout book THE ELECTRIC BLACK.



Scoot will be Scout’s all ages line that is launching in conjunction with Free Comic Book Day via the $1 Scoot Preview book. This preview will feature multiple Scoot launch titles.



Scout will delve into the young adult space with Lit, graphic novels that will appeal to teens of all interests and backgrounds.



The One-Shot imprint will publish approximately half a dozen self-contained one-shot comics by some of today’s most talented creators each year. At the beginning of each subsequent year, Scout will collect all of these one-shots into a single trade paperback anthology.


Scout’s Nonstop! imprint caters to readers, collectors and retailers alike. First, a Nonstop! world premiere issue #1 is released to give fans a taste of the story, and then a few months later, the full story is released in full as a trade paperback.


WWE Superstars Shad Gaspard and Marc Copani take you on a Path of Vengeance with Assassin & Son in 2020

Coming in Spring 2020 is Assassin & Son: Path of Vengeance written by former WWE Superstars Shad Gaspard and Marc Copani with art by Eder Messiah. The comic is being published by a new imprint from Scout Comics, Nonstop!

Set in the dark and gritty streets of New York’s five boroughs, Assassin & Son: Path of Vengeance tells the tale of Donovan Braddock, a one-man killing machine who worked with a team of assassins known as The Horsemen. When Braddock tries to leave his old life behind, his wife is murdered in front of him and his young son. With nothing to live for, but everything to fight for, Braddock and his son seek revenge on the men who took everything, sending them both on an epic journey of revenge and consequence that becomes the Path of Vengeance.

Assassin & Son: Path of Vengeance