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Stories of Nathan Edmondson’s Behavior Begin to Come Forward (Updated)

A little over two years ago we covered the allegations and rumors regarding comic writer Nathan Edmondson. Harassment, sexual harassment, unprofessional dealings with other creators were all recounted either first or second hand directly to us and since we ran that original article more accounts have been told to us of negative first hand dealings.

The difficulty of reporting in that original article was the second hand nature of the behavior and the first hand accounts weren’t inclined for their stories to be told or included. Things look to be changing.

Writer and editor Stephanie Cooke has stood up with her account and has gone on record with her interactions with Edmondson at a convention in North Carolina “several years back.” Those interactions can only be described as toxic and predatory.

Read her account below:

Writer Elizabeth Amber Love responded with her own encounter with Edmondson.

Both of these accounts are in line with what we’ve been told over the years and ends the hearsay and rumors with first hand accounts.

We’ve reached out to Edmondson for comment.

Update: Comic writer Joseph Keatinge corroborate’s Stephanie’s account.

Review: Red Wolf #1

red wolf coverFrontier boomtown Timely has more than its share of scoundrels: it takes a hero to keep them in line. Red Wolf—the Cheyenne who crossed the desert and stood up to Mayor Wilson Fisk in Secret Wars’ 1872—is the only man who can fill fallen Sheriff Steve Rogers’ boots. As an outsider and an honest man, Red is going to need all his wits, and both his fists, to serve and protect. The tale of how Red Wolf wins the West starts in 1872, and will take him farther than he could ever imagine!

Red Wolf #1 marks the first time the character Red Wolf has headlined his own book in more than 30 years. The character will be waiting a bit longer for a headlining comic that’s actually worth reading.

Can you imagine watching The Two Towers before watching Fellowship Of The Ring if you’d never read the Lord Of The Rings? No? Because that’s the kind of feeling you get here. The first issue of Red Wolf is not in any way, shape or form a good jumping on point (nor is it in any way comparable to Lord Of The Rings). I don’t know whether Nathan Edmonson assumed that only people who read 1872 would pick up this comic, but even with the recap page’s briefing (I think that the preview text from Marvel in italics above does a better job than the recap page) I was utterly lost. Granted the lack of comprehensive detail on the recap page shouldn’t have been a big deal if there was any kind of characterization or explanation within the comic.

There wasn’t.

The comic didn’t really get any better from there; Edmonson‘s dialogue seemed wooden and without any real energy to it which is a far cry to his work on The Activity, and there was very little flow to the story itself. A sub par outing in the writing department can often be made up when you look at the art, and being able to follow a story through the art when the writing lags is an advantage that comics have.

Not so much here.

Dalibor Talajic has proven in the past that he’s a solid artist, but he seems to have phoned it in here; his facial expressions aren’t exactly the best, and some scenes get lost amidst the murky artwork, or are hard to follow because of the choices made in framing the scene. Even the way in which Red Wolf is drawn throws doubt onto his age, but one feature that is interesting is the use of white space when portraying items in the foreground. It’s evocative of both the recent Moon Knight series and Frank Miller’s art style, but that doesn’t make it enough to bother reading, let alone buying, this comic.

On the final page of the comic, Red Wolf #1 asks if I want to find out what happens next issue. I don’t. I didn’t really care what happened this issue, to be honest. 

While I applaud Marvel for their attempt at diversifying their line with the All New All Different relaunch, it’s hard to imagine this  comic reaching too high on the sales charts. If Red Wolf is cancelled it won’t be because fans don’t want to read a comic about a Native American character, it’ll be because the comic isn’t worth reading.

Your money is better off elsewhere.

Story: Nathan Edmonson Art: Dalibor Talajic
Story: 4 Art: 4 Overall Rating: 4 Recommendation: Pass

Review: Red Wolf #1

Red_Wolf_1_CoverThe frontier boomtown of Timely has more than its share of scoundrels, and it’ll take a hero to keep them in line. A hero named Red Wolf – the Cheyenne who crossed the desert and stood up to Mayor Wilson Fisk and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the fallen Sheriff Steve Rogers. But that’s all in the past. Following the events of Secret Wars, Red Wolf finds his boots firmly transplanted into the Marvel Universe.

One of the standout miniseries from Secret Wars was the superhero western 1872 which saw alternate versions of familiar characters and gave a nice mix of the two genres. This new series continues that story, starting in 1872, but takes Red Wolf in an interesting direction that by the end of the first issue jettisons that unique and entertaining world.

It’s hard to not discuss this debut without discussing the cloud surrounding writer Nathan Edmondson. It’d be a lie to say all of that wasn’t on my mind when reading this first issue, and why it’s difficult to detach “politics” and previous knowledge/opinions from reviews.

Edmondson is a good writer, and I’ve enjoyed his work previously (particularly The Activity), but something about this first issue doesn’t click for me. It’s not just Edmondson’s writing, but Dalibor Talajic‘s art too just isn’t up to snuff, especially when the covers are so amazing.

This is a debut issue that misfires, from art where perspectives are off, what’s going on in the background makes no sense, to character design and positioning too. In some scenes Red Wolf looks like an adult, in others he looks like a teenager. Everything is just very… off.

Things aren’t helped by the fact that when the issue is over it’s clear what worked so well in the 1872 miniseries is likely going bye-bye. I don’t want to slam what’s likely to come, but interesting and unique in comics currently may be giving way to dime a dozen.

This new series had an opportunity to be something interesting, unique, and really stand out, but the first issue is underwhelming on all fronts. I gave the comic a shot, but what I see is so-so art, and a story that matches by underwhelming. This is not a series I’m sticking around for the second issue.

Story: Nathan Edmondson Art: Dalibor Talajic
Story: 6 Art: 6 Overall: 6 Recommendation: Pass

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Sentinel of the Southwest – Your First Look at Red Wolf #1!

The Marvel Universe’s American Southwest has a hero to call its own! Marvel has released a first look inside Red Wolf #1 – the brand new ongoing series from writer Nathan Edmondson, artist Dalibor Talajic and cover artist/series consultant Jeffrey Veregge! The frontier boomtown of Timely has more than its share of scoundrels, and it’ll take a hero to keep them in line. A hero named Red Wolf – the Cheyenne who crossed the desert and stood up to Mayor Wilson Fisk and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the fallen Sheriff Steve Rogers. But that’s all in the past. Following the events of Secret Wars, he’ll find his boots firmly transplanted into the Marvel Universe. In a world chock full of super powered heroes—and villains – Red Wolf is going to need all his wits and both his fists to serve and protect.

This December, the tale of how Red Wolf won the West begins in 1872, but his journey will take him farther than you ever thought possible. Don’t miss the bombastic debut!

RED WOLF #1 (OCT150774)
Variant Covers by DALE KEOWN (OCT150775) and SKOTTIE YOUNG (OCT150777)
Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (OCT150778)
Hip-Hop Variant by MIKE DEL MUNDO (OCT150776)
FOC – 11/02/15, On-Sale – 12/02/15


On Nathan Edmondson, Marvel, and the Cycle of Harassment (Updated)

We’re NOT afraid…

nathan-edmundsonA year and a half. That’s how long I’ve been researching allegations swirling around comic writer Nathan Edmondson. In that year and a half I’ve talked to a lot of people, ran into a lot of dead ends, and most importantly, been told consistent stories of sexual harassment and poor treatment of collaborators. I’ve had first hand accounts, second-hand accounts, and promises of actual evidence, only one of which has been produced. And after a year and a half, while I absolutely believe Edmondson’s an asshole and did what he’s accused of, as a journalist who believes in checking sources and facts, I have not had enough to run a story I felt I could defend in court. Because, I’ve been warned numerous times, if I ran it I should expect to be sued.

Why is this all coming up now?

Red_Wolf_1_CoverWhile sniping has been happening against Edmondson by other creators for quite some time, this news has been covered by so many due to Marvel‘s announcement that Edmondson is the writer on their new Red Wolf series. While the series is great in that it features a Native American lead character, as well as a Native American, Jeffrey Veregge, providing covers, character design, and “consulting,” it also has the troublesome Edmondson as the writer. This has led many to wonder and question their support of the book as a whole. It absolutely makes me again question Marvel’s decision-making process, and their commitment to progressive and positive change.

Some of the accusations against Edmondson have been covered already here, here, and here. I encourage folks to read those three articles to catch up. But for those that don’t want to, here’s what I know.

I know of his involvement with The Leadership Institute, an anti-gay, pro-life, right-wing organization. There’s photo evidence of this, and being conservative is not a crime (though makes me question why he’s been put on some books he has). I have been told second-hand of sexual harassment (attempts at first hand accounts have gone nowhere). I have been told first hand accounts of “troublesome” dealings with other creators. That was never ran as it would have identified the claimant and there was no way to run it anonymously. I have been told both through first and second-hand accounts of a general disrespect towards women. I have been told of an incident at a party where homophobic statements were made, and I have an email apologizing to attendees about the behavior (that email has yet to be verified).

activity15_coverThe series he was to do with the also troublesome Adam Baldwin, Ranger with Dark Horse, has become vaporware. I had hoped with 56 (Red Wolf is 57) series already announced and no Nathan Edmondson, that publisher has also decided to sever their relationship with the creator. That hasn’t happened. Marvel seems to have no issues with what is a “known” issue in the industry. They were after all running short on male, white writers, since their All-New, All-Different team of writers is only 83.33% male and 97.62% white. They needed Nate to fill in a slot.

Without “physical” evidence I can verify, without a first hand account of the harassment, I chose not to cover this story (until now). That hasn’t stopped me from continuing to investigate. I personally have also chosen to not support, or cover, any series Edmondson writes. To do so would be hypocritical.

Some who have been vocal have said some victims haven’t been talked to, and the reality is, I probably don’t know about them. Names have been vague to me. And those that I have been told about? They’ve not wanted to talk about any of this. And why should they? The comics industry has a history of not supporting victims. The track record is abysmal in supporting victims.

Some have said sites are scared to run stories about harassers due to the threat of lawsuit or loss of access. I can refute this by stating the following:

We here at Graphic Policy are NOT afraid to run these stories.

We here at Graphic Policy are NOT afraid at losing access. Retaliation against us becomes a story we’d run too.

We here at Graphic Policy will DEFEND you the victim as best we can, and more importantly treat you with the utmost respect you deserve.

Please contact us, even off the record. I am the only one who reads our email. Use our contact form above. DM us a message. Message us on Facebook. Or contact me personally through email, Facebook, or Twitter. We can’t fight the good fight without hearing from you.

Out of the seven plus years we’ve existed I’ve been contacted twice about harassment in the industry. One is this Edmondson story, and I’ve explained above what I know, what I have, and why I have not run the story. The other was someone I not only was told about, but witnessed as well. That was run as a blind item with a proper guess in the comments.

While we’ll listen and advocate, we will also do our research and investigation. We need to do our due diligence. By not doing so, we do the victims an injustice by not being able to properly defend the story.

Until there’s buy in across the industry, to point fingers at journalists is misguided. I know of a dozen other bloggers/journalists who have worked on this story, many for longer than me. They too have run into similar issues I have. We can’t run stories on hearsay, we need first hand accounts and evidence. There’s a lot of recent talk of lifting up the discourse in comics journalism, and that’s what this is. To not, would make us a second-rate TMZ. A rag run on rumors. That’s not what this site is, and I stand behind the decisions made up to this point on this story.

We, as well as my fellow bloggers, can only shine a spotlight on the trouble makers, it still takes a decision by other creators to refuse to work with these individuals, and publisher to not hire or support their work. There also needs to be an effort to support, not shame victims. Those who have been brave enough to come forward have consistently talked of being pariahs whose careers have been frozen, and the work has dried up. Not to mention the abuse and additional harassment flung like the feces it is their way from anonymous keyboard jockeys who think they’re funny and doing it for the lulz.

There’s a lot that needs to be done on all sides, but to focus on only one facet misses the big picture. If this is to end, we all need to work together.

Updated: Some information regarding Edmondson’s relationship with Image has been updated and stricken after being reached out to directly by a publisher who clarified the relationship. The lack of releases is explained as chronic “delays.” We have seen internal communication and statements that his behavior was a known issue at the highest level.

The Last Days Come For More Heroes This June!

The_Punisher_19_CoverThe skies grow dark and the end is nigh. Everything they know is about to come to an end. Fledgling heroes, soldiers and beings of pure cosmic energy alike face the end this June. And there is no coming back. Marvel has announced the first issues of four blockbuster Last Days stories, leading in to the highly-anticipated Secret Wars. Beginning in June, be there as these heroes face their final hours and the obliteration of the Marvel Universe!

First, Dan Slott and Mike Allred bring you “The Death of Everything That Ever Was or Will Be” in Silver Surfer #13. From the edge of Battleworld to the far reaches of the cosmos – every planet, moon and star has been extinguished. Except for the Surfer, Dawn and Toomie! How did they pull this off? And more importantly, can they figure out a way to bring everything back?

Then, the end of the world comes to Jersey City in Ms. Marvel #16 as G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona bring Kamala Khan to the brink of destruction, as she learns the hard way what it takes to be a hero. But is it too late for her to save the world she has sworn to protect?

When the end comes – will you fall into the darkness, or will you fight against the dying of the light? That is the question as Natasha Romanoff faces her LAST DAYS in Black Widow #19. Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto take the most dangerous woman in the world to the very end of all things, as she finds herself unexpectedly connected to one of the darkest moments of her past.

Finally, when you live every day like it’s your last, what will you do when it finally comes? The end of the Marvel Universe won’t stop Frank Castle from doling out retribution in The Punisher #19. Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads take Frank Castle back into the fray for one last war. One of the Punisher’s allies falls. Someone picked the wrong fight.

Before Secret Wars can begin, the Marvel Universe must end.

Written by DAN SLOTT
Art & Cover by MIKE ALLRED
On Sale in June!


Cover by KRIS ANKA
On Sale in June!


Art & Cover by PHIL NOTO
On Sale in June!


Art & Cover by MITCH GERADS
On Sale in June!

Preview: The Activity #16

The Activity #16

Story By: Nathan Edmondson
Art By: Mitch Gerads
Cover Price: $4.50
Digital Price: $3.99
Diamond ID: MAR130557
Published: December 17, 2014

“WARFARE WITHOUT WARNING” Special double-size issue. The Activity is going to war.


Preview: The Dream Merchant #6 (of 6)

The Dream Merchant #6 (of 6)

Story By: Nathan Edmondson
Art By: Konstantin Novosadov
Cover Price: $3.50
Digital Price: $2.99
Diamond ID: AUG130690
Published: November 19, 2014

The dream is real, the end is here – but where is Winslow?


Preview: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Echoes

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Echoes

Nathan Edmondson (w)
Marc Laming (a/c)
FC • 98+ pages • $16.99 • Teen+

Based on the award-winning Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell video game franchise that has sold more than 27 million copies worldwide! Sam Fisher, once a Splinter Cell (a clandestine, elite operative operating in the shadows of the NSA) is now retired. His enemies, however, are not. Haunted by dreams and memories of his past, he struggles to put his life back together. But when a mysterious terrorist organization called KROWE begins pursuing targets around the globe, Sam’s expertise is needed to uncover their endgame and stop them before the deadly plot unfolds.

Set between the events of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist! This volume collects issues 1-4, and features a complete cover gallery as well as interviews with Nathan Edmondson, Marc Laming, and the creators behind the hit video game series!


Preview: The Dream Merchant #5 (of 6)

The Dream Merchant #5 (of 6)

Story By: Nathan Edmondson
Art By: Konstantin Novosadov
Cover Price: $3.50
Digital Price: $2.99
Diamond ID: JUL130522
Published: October 22, 2014

Everything that rises must converge. Winslow embraces his dream and is ready to defend the world from what is already here. The tale draws to a close and the scope of Winslow’s dream is larger than anyone could have imagined.


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