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Marvel Comes to Mondo and Restoration Games’ Unmatched

Mondo and Restoration Games have teamed up with Marvel to create several additions to their Unmatched line of miniatures dueling tabletop games planned for release beginning in thesummer of 2021. Four new sets have been announced:

  • Redemption Row – featuring Luke CageGhost Rider, and Moon Knight
  • Hell’s Kitchen – featuring DaredevilElektra, and Bullseye
  • Teen Spirit – featuring Ms. MarvelSquirrel Girl, and Cloak and Dagger
  • For King and Country – featuring Black WidowBlack Panther, and Winter Soldier

Unmatched veteran artists Heather VaughanOliver Barrett, and Ian O’Toole will be joined by Matt Taylor and Sanford Greene as the key illustrators for the line. The combined weight of their contributions to the worlds of gaming, comics, and entertainment is staggering; fans can expect each standalone title to be as visually impactful as they are mechanically sound. 

Since debuting at Gen Con in August of 2019, Unmatched has released seven titles featuring 19 heroes sourced from myth, literature, television, and movies – presenting players with nearly two hundred possible 2-player battle scenarios. The upcoming Marvel editions will offer 66 possible in-world combat pairings and will feature unique gameplay additions building off the core game ruleset.

(via Board Game Today)

Early Preview: The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #18

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #18

(W) Saladin Ahmed (A) Minkyu Jung (CA) Mirka Andolfo
Rated T+
In Shops: Jan 13, 2021
SRP: $4.99

A celebration of 75 issues of MS. MARVEL!
• SALADIN AHMED and MINKYU JUNG wrap their acclaimed run with an oversized final issue!
• It’s the night of the Coles Academic homecoming dance and all of Kamala’s friend and family dramas are coming to a head.
• Even worse, this party has an uninvited guest: STORMRANGER is back and more lethal than ever!
• With AMULET’s help, MS. MARVEL defends everything that’s dear to her – but will her best be enough against such relentless enemy?

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #18

Iman Vellani is Ms. Marvel

Iman Vellani Ms. Marvel

Marvel Studios has found their Ms. Marvel in Iman Vellani. Vellani will reportedly star in the Disney+ series which will feature the beloved character.

Marvel nor Disney have confirmed the casting.

Ms. Marvel is Kamala Khan, a Muslim Pakistani-American teenager in New Jersey. The character debuted in 2013 in Captain Marvel #14 and was created by Sana Amanat, Adrian Alphona, Jamie McKelvie, and G. Willow Wilson. The character in the comics is an Inhuman who gains her powers after Terrigen Mist is unleashed across the world. Her powers include shapeshifting and healing factor which she uses to protect her town and worldwide adventures with teams such as the Champions, Secret Warriors, The Mighty Avengers, and The New Avengers.

Iman Vellani is a newcomer with new credits according to IMDB.

Ms. Marvel is one of numerous Marvel shows coming to Disney+. Up first this year is WandaVision with Falcon and The Winter Soldier after. She-Hulk, Moon Knight, Nick Fury, and more are all being worked on.

(via Deadline)

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Giant-Size X-Men: Storm #1

It’s a new week and we’ve got more interviews, reviews, previews to come! What geeky things did you all do this weekend? Sound off in the comments below! While you think about that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Book Riot – Your Batman Reading Order: How to Catch Up on The Dark Knight – If you’ve been wondering, here’s a handy guide.

The Mary Sue – Disney+ Assembles a Powerful Roster of Directors for Ms. Marvel – Getting excited for this series!


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Hasbro’s New Marvel Legends Gamerverse Line Includes Rage, Captain Marvel, Kamala Khan, and more!

Toy Fair is underway and Hasbro has revealed new upcoming Marvel Legends sets. The Gamerverse” collection includes regulars like Captain America and Iron Man but also some very interested, and unexpected additions.

Also coming as part of this release is Rage, Leader, Mach-I, Ms. Marvel, and Captain Marvel. This set features a build-a-figure Abomination.

Is it a hint as to what we might be seeing in the upcoming Square Enix Marvel’s Avengers later this year?

The figures are available for pre-order now through Hasbro Pulse.

Around the Tubes


New York Comic Con has come and gone and we’re already focused on Baltimore Comic Con in a few weeks. What was your favorite announcement from NYCC? Let us know in the comments. While you think about that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web.

Kotaku – Ms. Marvel Gets The Team Back Together In The Avengers Video Game – Expect a lot more characters to be revealed.

Entertainment Weekly – The Walking Dead renewed for season 11 with Lauren Cohan returning as series regular – Not too surprising.

The Hollywood Reporter – ‘Walking Dead’ Season 10: Paola Lázaro Cast as Princess – Yay! Princess!

CBLDF – Colorado Comics Store Drag Show Continues Despite Protests – Good.


CBR – Batman #80
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Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk Announced for Disney+ at D23

We knew there’d be some announcements at D23 and Marvel brought the goods with three new series for the streaming service. Marvel Studios has announced television shows based on Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk. All three are known to have been in the works or have been mentioned by Marvel Studios honcho Kevin Feige.

What is new is interesting is that some of these shows were assumed to be movies, Ms. Marvel especially. Moon Knight and She-Hulk were both rumored to be in the running for shows on Netflix before that deal went south.

British writer Bisha K. Ali has been tapped for Ms. Marvel to write and act as showrunner. It is assumed the series will star Kamala Khan, an Inhuman who took on the mantle from her idol Carol Danvers (though in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Danvers has never gone by Ms. Marvel.

She-Fulk first appeared in Savage She-Hulk #1 and was created by Stan Lee and John Buscema. Jennifer Walters is the cousin of Bruce Banner and in the comics gained her powers due to a blood transfusion. She’s also a lawyer balancing her life as a lawyer and superhero.


Moon Knight was created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin and debuts in Werewolf by Night #32 in 1975. Marc Spector is a former Marine turned mercenary and near death is offered a chance at life if he becomes the god Khonshu’s avatar on Earth. What’s notable is Spector is Jewish, the son of a rabbi.

Moon Knight

Kamala Khan is the newest of the three characters debuting in Captain Marvel #14 in 2013. Created by Sana Amanat, G. Willow Wilson, and Adrian Alphona, the character is a New Jersey Muslim teenager who’s also Inhuman and gains her powers after Terrigen Mist is unleashed around the world.

Ms. Marvel

These shows are all under the Marvel Studios banner showing the expansion of the power and reach of that arm of Marvel and its head Kevin Feige.

These shows are in addition to the already announced The Falcon and Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Loki, and Hawkeye which will all debut beginning in late 2020 and throughout 2021.

In other Marvel Studios news, Kit Harrington is rumored to be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Wyatt Russell will join The Falcon and Winter Solider as John F. Walker, aka U.S. Agent.

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