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Preview: Batman: Urban Legends #18

Batman: Urban Legends #18

(W) Greg Hahn, Tini Howard, Blake M. Howard, Chris Burnham, Henry Barajas, Brandon Thomas (A) Mike Norton, Max Raynor, Chris Burnham, Serg Acuna, Alberto Alburquerque
In Shops: Aug 09, 2022
SRP: $7.99

A STRING OF NEW SAGAS BEGINS! Written by Tini Howard, Blake Howard, Brandon Thomas, Chris Burnham, Henry Barajas and Greg Hahn Art by Rosi Kampe, Alberto Jimenez Albuquerque, Chris Burnham and Sergio Acuna Tini Howard and Blake Howard pen an epic Batman story! Batman and the Outsiders have to save the Signal from burning out! A new mystery begins, starring Alfred Pennyworth before his passing, from all-star creator Chris Burnham! And in a story from Batman’s past, the Dark Knight must team up with Etrigan the Demon to stop the Reincarnators!

Batman: Urban Legends #18

DC’s Saved by the Belle Reve arrives this August

School’s back in session with DC’s newest anthology, DC’s Saved by the Belle Reve. It comes to comic shops on August 30th.

DC’s Gotham Academy is Back!

DC’s latest 80-page anthology features eight all-new back-to-school stories from talent across the world of comics, including a brand-new Gotham Academy story from the original creative team of writers Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher and artists Karl Kerschl and Msassyk! With Olive Silverlock M.I.A. and Mia “Maps” Mizoguchi entering her sophomore year, what hijinks can DC’s Jr. Detective Club get into?

Super Sons, Tiny Titans, Teen Angel Azrael, and more!

Packed with eight tales of schooltime fun from around the DC Universe, DC’s Saved by the Belle Reve’s pages are a Who’s Who of creators and characters you’ve been asking to see more of! The Suicide Squad is sent to an international prep school to protect a dignitary’s son! Jean-Paul Valley returns to the school that made him into Azrael! Plus, a return to Tiny Titans by Art Baltazar and Franco, and Jon and Damian head back to school with a story set in their Super-Sons continuity! Grab your pencils and notebooks and get educated!

DC’s Saved by the Belle Reve #1 includes:

  • Gotham Academy in “Sophomore Year” by Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher, and Karl Kerschl
  • The Suicide Squad in “High School Lows” by Tim Seeley and Scott Kolins
  • The Super Sons in “Back to School” by Peter J. Tomasi and Max Raynor
  • Green Arrow & Speedy in “Earn It Back” by Dave Wielgosz and Mike Norton
  • The Tiny Titans in “Piece Making” by Art Baltazar & Franco
  • Black Lighting in “This Is Why” by Brandon Thomas and Craig Cermak
  • Azrael in “How Angels Are Made” by Dan Watters and Juan Ferreyra
  • Nightwing and Batgirl in “A Night Off” by Andrew Aydin and Nelson Daniel

School’s back in session, and we just know you’re waiting for the BELLE to give you some REVElief…all right, you can’t say we didn’t try! DC’s Saved by the Belle Reve #1 hits shelves on August 30 with a main cover by Juni Ba and an open-to-order variant cover by Riley Rossmo & Ivan Plascencia.

Valiant announces Ninjak: Superkillers

When classified data is exposed no one is safe. Valiant has revealed a deadly new limited series launching in February, 2023 – Ninjak: Superkillers.

A ruthless team of superpowered killers versus the world’s most lethal assassin – who will survive? The all-new explosive limited series Ninjak: Superkillers is a globetrotting noir tale with deadly consequences for the Valiant Universe.

To learn more about the return of Ninjak, don’t miss out on the all-new stories featured in the Valiant 2022 Free Comic Book Day issue available Saturday, May 7th. The new original stories feature the thrilling, can’t miss introduction of Ninjak: Superkillers – as well as new Bloodshot and Archer & Armstrong stories – alongside previews for the future of Shadowman and X-O Manowar, bringing the Year of Valiant into the spotlight like never before. 

Ninjak: Superkillers #1 is set to launch in February, 2023 from writer Jeff Parker and artist Mike Norton featuring a spectacular preorder cover by Dave Johnson. The limited series puts the fan-favorite Ninjak in a merciless fight to reclaim the life that has been taken from him, but can he survive the onslaught?

Ninjak: Superkillers #1

Preview: Justice League Incarnate #4

Justice League Incarnate #4

Written by: Dennis Culver, Joshua Williamson
Art by: Andrei Bressan, Chris Burnham, Mike Norton

THIS ISSUE…A HERO DIES! Doctor Multiverse discovers there is a threat greater than Darkseid! Is the Justice League Incarnate’s only option to work with the Lord of Apokolips? Meanwhile, on Earth-7, Orion and Aquawoman lead the rest of the team to gain control of the Oblivion Engine! But by the time this issue is over…a member of Justice League Incarnate meets their end!

Justice League Incarnate #4

FCBD 2022: Valiant Features New Bloodshot, Archer & Armstrong, and Ninjak

Explore the Valiant Universe on Free Comic Book Day 2022. Arriving on May 7th, The Year of Valiant 2022 FCBD Special will present new content featuring exciting original stories, insightful behind-the-scenes looks at upcoming comics, in-depth interviews with Valiant creators, and exclusive teasers for fan-favorite characters. The compelling tales starring flagship characters will reward longtime Valiant fans while also serving as easily accessible jumping-on points for new readers.

The Year of Valiant 2022 FCBD Special includes…

  • An all-new Bloodshot story from Ringo Award-nominated writer Deniz Camp and acclaimed artist Jon Davis-Hunt. It’s a brutal brawl between living weapons as the nanite-infused supersoldier stands alone against a terrifying foe in a small town. Only Bloodshot can stop the twisted creation from unleashing more bloodshed and devastation on the neglected part of the country.
  • The fan-favorite duo of Archer & Armstrong go on a brand-new adventure! Written by the Eisner-nominated Steve Foxe and featuring art by rising star Marcio Fiorito, the young and optimistic Archer drags the care-free, hard-drinking and immortal Armstrong on a quest that leads them right into the base of an eldritch cult.
  • The award-winning creative team of Jeff Parker and Mike Norton present an action-packed ride starring Ninjak. In this thrilling original tale, a pair of tech-savvy hitmen set their sights on the superspy in an effort to collect the enormous bounty that is on his head.
  • Plus: Exclusive first looks at the future of Valiant’s iconic characters, including Shadowman and X-O Manowar!
The Year of Valiant 2022 FCBD Special
Cover by Dexter Soy & Veronica Gandini

Preview: Teen Titans Academy #10

Teen Titans Academy #10

Written by: Tim Sheridan
Art by: Tom Derenick, Mike Norton

Dane, a.k.a. Nevermore, came to the academy to become a hero, but circumstance and fate are leading him down a much darker path. To understand their future, the Titans must look into the complicated past of their most mysterious student-and unearth truths that may leave them with an impossible choice.

Teen Titans Academy #10

Preview: Teen Titans Academy #9

Teen Titans Academy #9

Written by: Tim Sheridan
Art by: Mike Norton

Homecoming continues! Homecoming is a time for reunion and reflection, and the shocking news that Roy is alive has left the Titans-and the Flash-with plenty to reflect upon. As old wounds are ripped open, the Academy’s very existence is called into question, leaving the futures of its vulnerable young students up in the air and exposing them to the fury of an old foe out for vengeance!

Teen Titans Academy #9

Four New Debuts from DC, Magnetic Press, and Harlequin are Available Now

There’s four new digital releases available now on comiXology. You can get comics from DC Comics, Magnetic Press, and Harlequin now and check out the releases below!

Carbon & Silicon #2

Written by Mathieu Bablet
Art by Mathieu Bablet
Cover by Mathieu Bablet

During their first excursion outside the laboratory, androids Carbon and Silicon experience their first immersion into the real world, and the moral quandries of desire…

Carbon & Silicon #2

Memo: Marry Me?

Written by Jennie Adams
Art by Chloe Namiki

It’s impossible… I can’t work as his secretary. Lily couldn’t help but look up at the sky. She was the owner of a company that dispatched secretaries. The business was going well, but the staff she had sent to Zack Swift, a famous young businessman, had angered him by following him around for a week, hoping to win him over! When Lily managed to explain herself and propose a solution, Zack gave her a suggestive look, and said, “You work for me as my secretary, that’s the deal.” But Lily had a secret that he mustn’t know about…

Memo: Marry Me?

The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox (2021-) #13

Written by Matthew Rosenberg
Pencils Mike Norton
Inks Vicente Cifuentes, Jesús Merino, Mike Norton
Colored by Ulises Arreola Palomera, Roman Stevens

The GCPD is no closer to figuring out who killed the Riddler, now that all of the suspects have confessed to one crime or another, including the murder….everyone except, Joker. Did he actually do it? Is the Riddler actually dead (we’ve seen his body…)? The last pieces of the puzzle fall into place here.

The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox (2021-) #13

The Wall #4

Written by Antoine Charreyron
Art by Mario Alberti
Cover by Mario Alberti

The horde has broken free from the confines of ED3N and it is only a matter of time before they breach the chambers of the Wall to escape into the outside world. Solal and Jen race to find a solution while Bastard’s forces fight and die maintaining the outside perimeter.

The Wall #4

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Preview: Are You Afraid of Darkseid? #1

Are You Afraid of Darkseid? #1

Written by: Dave Wielgosz, Calvin Kasulke, Kenny Porter, Elliott Kalan
Art by: Pablo M Collar, Rob Guillory, Max Dunbar, Mike Norton

Gather ’round the fire, fellow campers, because it’s time for that most terrifying of traditions—campfire stories so scary you’ll never sleep without a night-light again! The Teen Titans guide those brave enough through tales of Batman and the hidden killer, Superman and Lois Lane and the killer in their back seat, Harley Quinn and Darkseid versus a furious Bloody Mary, and four more stories so hair-raising you’ll call your momma to come pick you up. So toast your marshmallows, pull up a s’more, and answer the only question that matters this Halloween: Are you afraid of Darkseid?

Are You Afraid of Darkseid? #1

Preview: Superman: Red & Blue #6

Superman: Red & Blue #6

Written by: Rex Ogle, Tom King, Matt Wagner, Sophie Campbell
Art by: Mike Norton, Paolo Rivera, Matt Wagner, Sophie Campbell

It’s the final issue of this free-form anthology, featuring the Metropolis Marvel in new stories, bedazzled in his signature colors. It’s the only place to see Superman chasing down headlines in a classic style and taking pause to reflect on growing up on a farm in Smallville. Not to mention, the return of Streaky the Supercat by superstar cartoonist Sophie Campbell (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)!

Superman: Red & Blue #6
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