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Planet of the Apes return in April courtesy of David F. Walker, Dave Wachter, and Marvel!

This April, Eisner-winning writer David F. Walker joins forces with artist Dave Wachter in Marvel’s highly-anticipated new Planet of the Apes comic series! The all-new ongoing series will continue the thought-provoking and thrilling conflict over which species will dominate Earth.

This new era of apes kicks off with part 1 of “Devolution”. The ALZ-113 virus has rampaged across planet Earth, and humanity is crumbling. While well-meaning researchers hunt for a cure, a fanatical group of humans has their own solution: kill all apes. Peacekeeper Juliana Tobon is one of the few willing to stand against them, but the crisis is spreading, and soon apes will witness the true depths of human cruelty…

Earlier this year, Marvel announced that the Planet of the Apes franchise would be returning to Marvel with all-new stories, collections, and an exciting variant cover program. Marvel Comics and Planet of the Apes have a deep history that goes back over 40 years. Marvel first published Planet of the Apes stories in 1974, and in 1975, Marvel published Adventures on the Planet of the Apes, full-color adaptations of the iconic Planet of the Apes films. The legendary science fiction franchise has spanned over five decades with media including comics, books, films, television series, video games, and toys and Marvel is thrilled to explore the storytelling limits of this groundbreaking saga once again!

Check out Joshua Cassara’s brand-new cover below and witness the start of a new revolution when Planet of the Apes #1 arrives in April! Also featuring variant covers by Mike McKone and Logan Lubera.

Jeremy Bastian, Mike McKone, Mark Schultz, Joe St. Pierre, Emily Whitten, and Thom Zahler head to Baltimore Comic Con

Join the Baltimore Comic-Con in the Inner Harbor’s Baltimore Convention Center from October 28-30, 2022. Baltimore Comic-Con has announced the addition of comics creators Jeremy Bastian, Mike McKone, Mark Schultz (courtesy of Flesk Publications), Joe St. Pierre, Emily Whitten, and Thom ZahlerTickets are available online now so fans can avoid ticket counter lines at the show!

Jeremy Bastian is the creator and illustrator of Cursed Pirate Girl from BOOM! Studios and Archaia Comics. He is renowned for his delicate detail, whimsical characters, and strange creatures, all drawn at the actual print size with a very small brush! Cursed Pirate Girl beckons to the 19th century in both subject and style. He has also contributed to Guild: Tink from Dark Horse Comics, Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard from BOOM! Studios/Archaia Comics, Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream from Locust Moon Press, and Under the Moons of Mars: New Adventures on Barsoom from Simon and Schuster. His Cursed Pirate Girl Annual was released by BOOM! Studios.

Hailing from England, Mike McKone‘s first published work was for DC Comics’ Justice League of America and Marvel Comics’ Punisher series. In the years since, he has illustrated almost every major character from the big two publishers, including lengthy runs on Teen TitansAmazing Spider-Man, and Fantastic Four. Recent projects were the Avengers graphic novel, Endless Wartime and Justice League United. Now residing in the US, McKone is working on a creator-owned project while providing covers and merchandising illustrations for clients such as Marvel, DC, Dynamite, Valiant, Dorling Kindersley, and Converse.

Since entering the world of cartooning in the mid-1980s with the science-fiction adventure series Xenozoic TalesMark Schultz has slowly but consistently produced a very diversified body of work. He has created illustrations for Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories, scripted four years of Superman, composed a science guide to genetics and DNA, created the Stormforce 10 adventure SubHuman with paleontologist Michael J. Ryan, and written the novella Storms at Sea, which he also illustrated. Currently, he scripts the comic strip Prince Valiant and, in his free moments, continues to work on a new Xenozoic graphic novel as well as a sequel to Storms at Sea. Flesk Publications, sponsoring his appearance at this year’s event, has been Mark’s proud publisher since 2005 and continues to regularly release collections of his sketches, commissions, and personal works.

Joe St. Pierre began his comic book career at Valiant Comics, as penciler of Rai, and co-creator of Secret Weapons. He has sold over 2 million comic books as a writer and artist for Marvel, DC (Aquaman, Green Lantern), Image (Megahurtz), IDW (Transformers), BOOM! Studios (Power Rangers), and Dynamite Entertainment.

Joe has the distinction of penciling the most #1 issues featuring Spider-Man and/or the Spider-Man family.

Joe also works in the fields of intellectual property design, commercial illustration, and storyboards for animation and video games. Clients have included MTV, Capstone, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros. Animation, Cartoon Network, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Sony, PBS, The Amazing Kreskin, and Activision.

Joe’s publishing company, Astronaut Ink, highlights his creator-owned properties Bold BloodMegahurtz, and the sold out New Zodiax.

He is also the co-creator of the Fabien Cousteau Expeditions Series published by Simon & Schuster. The fourth volume, Hawai’i Sea Turtle Rescue, was released in March.

“Pop Culture Maven” Emily S. Whitten writes and speaks about everything genre and pop culture. She is a fiction writer; a genre entertainment journalist; a media personality; a program moderator and panelist; and a convention organizer. Her graphic novel series, The Underfoot, debuted from Lion Forge Comics in April of 2019, and volume 2, Underfoot: Into The Sun, was released in April 2021. Her columns, interviews, and webcomics have appeared on ComicMix, Movers & Shakers Unlimited, Reelz.com, MTV.com, and more. She is also known to some as her alter-ego, Ask Deadpool. When Emily is not writing, she’s sharing geeky thoughts via radio shows and podcasts such as Fantastic Forum, The CCC Podcast, and Made of Fail, as well as via TV and video. She is a regular moderator and panelist at several genre conventions. In her copious spare time, Emily enjoys exploring, reading, crafting, cosplay, and looking after her tiny hamster. Oh, and when she’s not doing all that, Emily holds down a regular 9-to-5 job – although that may just be her super-heroine cover identity.

Thom Zahler is a comic book creator and animation writer. He created the Line Webtoons hit series Cupid’s Arrows and Warning Label as well as the Harvey-nominated Love and Capes (recently with new volumes “The Family Way” and the Ringo-nominated “In the Time of Covid”), Long Distance, and the time-traveling wine comic Time and Vine. He also writes and draws for IDW’s successful My Little Pony series, and has written for Disney Tsum Tsum KingdomStar Trek Waypoint, and more. He has written for Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man and Knights of the Zodiac.


Confirmed guests for this year’s show include: Andrew Aydin (Run), Chris Barcomb (The Amazing Adventure of Superior Sam), Jeremy Bastian (Cursed Pirate Girl), Marty Baumann (Pixar artist), John Beatty (Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars), Carolyn Belefski (Curls), Brian Michael Bendis (Action Comics), Brett Breeding (Superman), Dan Brereton (Nocturnals), Russ Braun (The Boys), Reilly Brown (Deadpool), Harold Buchholz (Sweetest Beasts), Mark Buckingham (Fables), Jeffrey Burandt (Killer Bad), Greg Burnham (Tuskegee Heirs), Jim Calafiore (NED, Lord of the Pit), Joe Carabeo (Black Magic Tales), Richard Case (Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror), John Cassaday (Astonishing X-Men), Howard Chaykin (Time Squared), Jim Cheung (Miracleman), Frank Cho (Harley Quinn), Matthew Clark (Adventures of Superman, courtesy of Hero Initiative), Steve Conley (The Middle Age), Katie Cook (Nothing Special), Kevin Cuffe (Metalshark Bro), Alan Davis (Thanos), Nick Davis (The Night Guardians – Awakenings), Kristina Deak-Linsner (Roses for the Dead), J. Robert Deans (Crass Fed), Vito Delsante (Stray), Todd Dezago (The Perhapanauts), Scott Dunbier (Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist’s Edition, courtesy of Hero Initiative), Garth Ennis (The Boys, Friday and Saturday only), Chris Flick (Capes and Babes), Scott Fogg (Phileas Reid Knows We’re Not Alone), Trish Forstner (Stray Dogs), LJ and Kayla Fowlkes (The Adventures of CHIBIWONGTONG), Franco (The Ghost, The Owl), Bob Frantz (Metalshark Bro), John Gallagher (Max Meow: Cat Crusader), Kami Garcia (Teen Titans: Raven), Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (DC Nation), Mitch Gerads (Mister Miracle), Jimmy Gownley (Amelia Rules!), Steven Grant (X), Mike Grell (Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters), Dawn Griffin (Zorphbert & Fred), Brian Haberlin (Spawn), Bob Hall (West Coast Avengers), Cully Hamner (Blue Beetle), Dean Haspiel (The Fox), Mike Hawthorne (Happiness Will Follow), Jamal Igle (Molly Danger), Klaus Janson (Daredevil), Chris Kemple (Artist Alley Comics), Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Alien), Kata Kane (Altar Girl), Tom King (Batman), Barry Kitson (Amazing Spider-Man), Greg LaRocque (The Three Stooges), Jim Lee (Action Comics, Friday only), Joseph Michael Linsner (Red Sonja), Howard Mackie (Ghost Rider), Kevin Maguire (Justice League), Mariano Brothers (Claire Lost Her Bear at the World’s Fair), Laura Martin (Nubia: Queen of the Amazons), Ron Marz (Silver Surfer), Whitney Matheson (Pandemix: Quarantine Comics in the Age of ‘Rona), Jason May (LEGO Club Magazine), Bob McLeod (New Mutants), Mike McKone (Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel), Carla Speed McNeil (Finder), Jarrett Melendez (Chef’s Kiss), Adriana Melo (Action Comics), Pop Mhan (Gears of War 3), Frank Miller (Sin City, Saturday only), Chris Miskiewicz (Elvis: The Graphic Novel), Mark Morales (Thor), Bill Morrison (The Simpsons), Trevor Mueller (Albert the Alien), Jamar Nicholas (Leon: Protector of the Playground), Fabian Nicieza (Deadpool, courtesy of Hero Initiative), Ann Nocenti (The Seeds, Friday and Saturday only, courtesy of Hero Initiative), Sedat Oezgen (Judge Dredd), Jerry Ordway (Superman), Rachel Ordway (Chainmail Bikini), Richard Pace (Second Coming, courtesy of Hero Initiative), Dan Parent (Archie vs. Sharknado), Andrew Pepoy (Simone & Ajax), David Petersen (Mouse Guard), Brandon Peterson (Uncanny X-Men), Khoi Pham (Teen Titans), Ed Piskor (Red Room: Trigger Warnings), Eric Powell (The Goon), Andy Price (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), Tom Raney (Green Lantern), Afua Richardson (Omni), Christopher Ring (Seamus (the Famous)), David A. Rodriguez (Skylanders), Don Rosa (Uncle Scrooge), Craig Rousseau (The Perhapanauts), Arsia Rozegar (Shahnameh For Kids), Jim Rugg (Hulk Grand Design), Alex Saviuk (Web of Spider-Man), Stuart Sayger (The Joker), Mark Schultz (Xenozoic Tales, courtesy of Flesk Publications), Pat Shand (Destiny, NY), Liam Sharp (Green Lantern), Louise Simonson (X-Men Legends), Walter Simonson (Ragnarok), Don Simpson (Megaton Man), Matt Slay (Equilibrium), Matt Smith (Hellboy), John K. Snyder III (Suicide Squad), Jim Starlin (Infinity Gauntlet), Joe Staton (Dick Tracy), Brian Stelfreeze (Black Panther), Paul Storrie (Storm Kids: Stanley’s Ghost), Jill Thompson (Scary Godmother), Billy Tucci (Shi), Emilio Velez Jr. (The Dodgeball Teens), Dexter Vines (Civil War, courtesy of Hero Initiative), Sean Von Gorman (Return of Toe Tag Riot), Mark Waid (Superman: Red and Blue), Adam Wallenta (Punk Taco), Todd Webb (Mr. Toast Comics), Lee Weeks (Batman/Catwoman Special), Emily S. Whitten (The Underfoot), Matt Wieringo (Stargate Atlantis: Gateways), Keith Williams (Thor the Worthy), Charles P. Wilson III (Wraith), Rich Woodall (Electric Black), Gene Luen Yang (Superman Smashes the Klan), and Thom Zahler (Love and Capes).

Preview: Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel #2 (of 5)

Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel #2 (of 5)

(W) Peter David (A) Juanan Ramirez (CA) Mike McKone
In Shops: Aug 24, 2022
SRP: $3.99

• The clock is ticking as Rick must find Genis before they both blink out of existence!
• Wait…who’s that big face on the cover?
• Find out who else is searching for Genis and what DEATH has to do with it!

Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel #2 (of 5)

Preview: Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel #1 (of 5)

Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel #1 (of 5)

(W) Peter David (A) Juanan Ramirez (CA) Mike McKone
In Shops: Jul 27, 2022
SRP: $4.99

Both now back in the land of the living, Genis-Vell and Rick Jones are about to come crashing back into each other! Witness Genis-Vell, Captain Marvel return to the pages of his very own series written by legendary scribe Peter David, drawn by artist Juanan Ram rez!
Can Rick Jones save Genis – and himself – before they both fade out of existence? Is Rick’s ex-wife, Marlo, the key? Find out when Peter David returns to take Genis-Vell to all-new heights!

Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel #1 (of 5)

Exclusive Preview: Iron Fist #4 (of 5)

Iron Fist #4 (of 5)

(W) Alyssa Wong (A) Michael Yg
(C) Jay David Ramos (L) Travis Lanham
(CA) Leinil Francis Yu (VCA) Sergio Davila, E.M. Gist, Mike McKone
In Shops: Jun 15, 2022
SRP: $3.99

• The mysterious new IRON FIST’S past comes calling!
• It’s a race against the clock to stop an untimely resurrection…
• …but first he’ll have to fight his way past two IMMORTAL WEAPONS: FAT COBRA and the BRIDE OF NINE SPIDERS!

Iron Fist #4 (of 5)

DC is Celebrating George Perez’s Birthday for All of June

During June, DC will celebrate the 68th birthday of George Pérez, one of the titans of the comic industry, with a two-page spread featuring some of his most beloved characters. Working from a layout designed by Dan Jurgens, some of the industry’s biggest names including Jim Lee, Walter Simonson, Alex Ross, Dave Gibbons, Todd McFarlane, Daniel Sampere, Jerry Ordway, Nicola Scott and many more, collaborated on the colorful spread.

In December, Pérez took to Facebook to announce that he has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer. His doctors estimated he has six months to a year left, and rather than undergoing time-consuming treatment, Pérez decided to spend the time with his friends and family.

The tribute features the following DC characters that Pérez is most known for, as well as the man himself, drawn by a number of the top artists in the industry and colored by Hi-Fi:

DC George Perez Celebration
  • The Monitor & Anti-Monitor – Jim Lee & Scott Williams
  • Trigon – Todd McFarlane
  • The Spectre – Alex Ross
  • Darkseid – Walter Simonson
  • Firestorm & The Justice League Satellite – Scott Kolins
  • Ares & Hippolyta – Phil Jimenez
  • Cheetah & The Amazons – Colleen Doran
  • Lady H.I.V.E. & H.I.V.E. Agents – Scott Koblish
  • Vigilante – Dave Gibbons
  • Cheshire – Joëlle Jones
  • Brother Blood – Darryl Banks
  • Blackfire – Mike McKone
  • Gizmo & Mammoth – Klaus Janson
  • Shimmer – Bruno Redondo
  • Psimon – Mikel Janín
  • Neutron & Jinx – Dan Mora
  • The Legion of Super-Heroes – Francis Manapul
  • The Justice Society of America – Jerry Ordway
  • Power Girl & Huntress – Kevin Maguire
  • The Justice League of America (and the background) – Dan Jurgens & Norm Rapmund
  • Superboy-Prime & Alexander Luthor – Ivan Reis
  • Supergirl – Gary Frank
  • Harbinger – Adam Hughes
  • Pariah – Daniel Sampere
  • Jericho & Kole – Nicola Scott
  • The New Teen Titans, Deathstroke & George Pérez – José Luis García-López

Accompanying the spread on a separate page will be a key highlighting the characters and artists that participated.

In addition to being included in all of DC’s June issues, the tribute will also be featured as a variant cover for Dark Crisis #7. Each issue of the event series will feature a cover highlighting a previous crisis event from DC’s history, starting with the genre defining Crisis on Infinite Earths by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez for issue #1. Artwork and additional details on each of the covers will be announced at a later date.

A special version of the Dark Crisis #7 variant cover will be available for sale by The Hero Initiative to raise funds for one of Pérez’s favorite charities. Pérez is a founding member of Hero Initiative’s board of directors and has served as chair of its Disbursement Committee.

DC George Perez birthday Celebration

Exclusive: Find out who else is searching for Genis and what Death has to do with it in Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel #2!

Marvel has begun to tease their July releases and we have the reveal for Genis-Vell: Captain Marvel #2! Revealed in February and spinning out of the Captain Marvel storyline “The Last of the Marvels,” Genis-Vell is back!

Both now back in the land of the living, Genis-Vell and Rick Jones are about to come crashing back into each other! Can Rick Jones save Genis — and himself — before they both fade out of existence? Is Rick’s ex-wife, Marlo, the key? Find out in this surprising saga that will chart a new course through the Marvel Universe for Genis, Rick, and more!

Check out the details for the second issue of the series coming to shelves on July 6th.


Written by PETER DAVID
Coming: July 6, 2022


• The clock is ticking as Rick must find Genis before they both blink out of existence!
• Wait…who’s that big face on the cover?
• Find out who else is searching for Genis and what DEATH has to do with it!


Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War Comes to Variant Covers in May

Announced last month, the Marvel Universe will collide with Fortnite once again this June in a brand-new limited comic series–Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War! To gear up for this exciting saga, fans will be able to see their favorite Marvel heroes in showdowns with iconic Fortnite characters on new variant covers released throughout May. Rocking the covers of Marvel’s hottest comics, these action-packed pieces give a fresh look at what happens when the heroes of Marvel crash onto the Island and get caught in its epic battles! Fans can look forward to the following matchups brought to life by the industry’s leading artists:

  • Captain America (Sam Wilson) and Omega
  • Captain Carter and Cuddle Team Leader
  • Captain Marvel and Dark Bomber
  • Ghost Rider and Raider
  • Iron Fist and Fade
  • Hellcat and Lynx
  • Joe Fixit and Rippley
  • Silk and Blaze
  • Spider-Man 2099 and Drifter
  • Venom and Big Mouth

Check out the first 8 covers now and stay tuned for more exciting news about Marvel and Fortnite’s latest collaboration!

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