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Spider-Man: Life Story #1

It’s a new week and we’ll have some C2E2 coverage along with our usual mix of reviews, previews, and more! While you wait for that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Hawaii Public Radio – KanakaCon: A Hawaiian Comic Book Convention That Seeks To Preserve Culture – This sounds interesting.

Deadline – James Marsters Confirms ‘Marvel’s Runaways’ Renewed For Season 3 – This isn’t too surprising.


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Spider-Man: Life Story #1

TV Review: Runaways S2E1 Gimmie Shelter

*Warning: This review contains spoilers*

Runaways Season 2 Episode 1 Gimmie Shelter

Runaways is back, and after an incredibly cheesy cold open where the members of Pride are directed by the LAPD to cosplay knockoff versions of their children, there’s some actual running away in the season 2 premiere “Gimmie Shelter”, which is written by the show’s creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage and directed by veteran TV helmer Allison Liddi-Brown (Grey’s Anatomy, Friday Night LightsParenthood). The episode explores the new normal of the Runaways’ kids, and how they’ve become a family while struggling to survive away from their privileged Brentwood/rich part of LA existences. Like in Season 1, a big portion of the episode is dedicated to their parents and their varying degrees of evil and scheming. Aka Tina Minoru is one scary woman.

The building of community and awareness of privilege is a throughline that gives “Gimmie Shelter” depth and empathy that the prep school sequences in Runaways Season 1 didn’t have. In the beginning of the episode, Chase loses his Fistigons and the group’s money to a low level bike thief named Mike, and they have to humble themselves and get food at an outdoor soup kitchen because they have no money. Ariela Barer, whose performance as Gert, was the standout of Season 1 gets to showcase her character’s softer edges as she realizes that in her call for social justice that she had never really experienced injustice up close.

This sense of community continues in the Wiccan funeral of Graciela Aguirre, who is Molly’s last living relative and gave her a VHS tape with a warning from her parents about Pride and the mysterious Jonah, who still isn’t as great a bad guy as Tina Minoru or the Wilders. Her death is the big plot beat of “Gimmie Shelter”, but Schwartz and Savage take time to dwell on the emotional impact of her passing, especially Gert and Molly. Viewers didn’t get a lot of time to know Graciela as a character beyond her fierce protection of Molly and opposition towards the Pride (Her shooting a gun at the Yorkeses is this episode’s finest moment.), and Molly talks about this in her eulogy. She feels alone in the world until she slowly finds family in the Runaways with a loving shot of her snuggled up with Old Lace after the team finally discovers their underground mansion hideout from the original comics.

Like in Season 1, the extended scenes with the Pride aren’t effective as the ones with the Runaways that crackle with chemistry, raw feelings, and even a little humor. For example, Alex gets a solo plot line where he helps Darius, his father’s old business associate, paint his newborn daughter’s room instead of doing stereotypical “gangster” things. On the other hand, the Pride’s scenes are just a round table of scheming, and Schwartz and Savage’s writing for them is stiffer like they’re trying to get each actor a line in the scene instead of letting the natural charisma of Ryan Sands’ Geoffrey Wilder or Brittany Ishibashi’s Tina Minoru take over. This is because the Yorkeses continue to be grating, and Janet Stein and Leslie Dean sadly have no character apart from their husband/cult respectively.

A continued over focus on the parents aside, “Gimmie Shelter” is an excellent reminder of how talented the young cast of Runaways is, especially as they have to negotiate their identities, powers, and relationships while also being wanted fugitives. There’s also a pretty major surprise wedged in this episode somewhere that gives the series both a plot and character hook.

Overall Rating: 8.0

Around the Tubes

It’s new comic book day tomorrow! What’s everyone getting? What are you excited for? Sound off in the comments below. While you’re thinking about that. Here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web.

Kotaku – A Hotel Strike Was The Talk Of This Year’s TwitchCon – Please don’t cross picket lines.

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CBR – Marvel’s Runaways Actor Kip Pardue Accused of Sexual Assault– No excuse. He needs to be dumped.

The Beat – When a Con Goes wrong: Alamo City Comic Con Cosplay Contest host goes in blackface – Was it Megyn Kelly?That’s one show to not support.



Talking Comics – Action Comics #1004

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Pop! Marvel – Marvel’s Runaways are Coming this Summer

Marvel’s runaway teenage Super Heroes are getting the Pop! Vinyl treatment, which might not erase the sting of discovering that their parents are Super Villains, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

Nico, Alex, Karolina, Gert, Molly and Chase will bring style, sass and a smorgasbord of Super Hero abilities to your collection. Nico comes with the Staff of One, Gert is armed with her signature riot grrrl style and Chase is armed with his Fistigons and ready to fight.

Pop! Marvel –  Marvel’s Runaways are out this summer from Funko.

Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here! What geeky things will you all be doing? Sound off in the comments below! While you wait for the work day to end and the weekend begin, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web!

The Beat – Help Wanted: Comics Outreach Lead for Kickstarter – Another great job in the comic industry.

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CBR – Fox Officially Renews The Gifted for Season 2 – What will debut in the second season?

CBR – Marvel’s Runaways Reportedly Renewed for Second Season – Yay!!!



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TV Review: Marvel’s Runaways S1E5 Kingdom

After their not-so-fearless leader is taken, the kids spring into action. Alex discovers long-buried secrets about his dad, as the kids uncover new truths about themselves.

Marvel’s Runaways continues the mystery and the action as various plotlines come together. Alex was kidnapped in the last episode by Darius and we find out what the deal is between Darius and Geoffrey. Who’s going to save Alex? Will it be his father or will it be his friends?

It’s a solid episode in that it moves plotlines forward and at the same time reveals a lot about the various characters. And it allows the characters to discover more about each other too. In that sense, we see them finally come together as a team and the reaction is what you might expect from teenagers as they discover one can do magic and another can lift cars. Up to this point the series felt like acquaintances coming back together but this is the moment we see them as a team.

With all of that comes a lot of character growth and changes. Alex has realized how bad his father is and is forced to perform an action he didn’t expect stealing his innocence away in a quick moment. But, that loss of innocence is realized and accepted by everyone.

Molly – “Why would our parents do horrible things?”
Gert – “I guess, because they’re horrible people.”

While the above might seem a bit silly to say, it’s a moment of realization that puts it out there as to where all of the kids are. Their parents have a lot they’re hiding and aren’t the good people they thought they were. It’s that moment of the movie where someone states they need to “rescue their friend” or “stop the evil plan.” We know that’s what’s coming and what they’re thinking but it needs to still be stated in some ways.

The acting and production value still is great and the fact this is airing on Hulu bows my mind. It’s all the equal of Marvel’s Netflix releases and is at times better than the movies. Each episode looks fantastic and what should come off as goofy at times has worked in every instance and exceeded expectations. The cast too has gelled in a way that others haven’t. They really do feel like long time friends who drifted apart and have come together. Their parents balance both approachable and scheming. It just all comes together in a fantastic package.

This episode is the one that really gets things going especially with an ending reveal that’s fascinating, mysterious, puzzling, and exciting. The series continues to impress and is the one live action comic adaptation I’m excited for each and every week.

Overall Rating: 8.95

TV Review: Marvel’s Runaways S1E4 Fifteen

The parents try to find a solution to Pride’s problem, and the kids grapple with a new discovery that yields more questions than answers.

Marvel’s Runaways continues to impress as things come together and fall apart in so many ways. The Pride is scrambling after discovering their sacrifice didn’t do what they wanted. This leaves them trying to find a replacement. While things still aren’t quite explained, it’s all very mysterious and it’s nice to see the villains’ plan not going well unlike so many other series that are out there. It raises the threat in some ways and shows the villains as fallible.

What’s also solid is the cracks in the group. The Yorkes want to get the hell out of dodge and to safety, which we learn isn’t really safe. The Yorkes are part of the Pride that you get a sense that they’re forced into this situation and aren’t completely on board. It’s an interesting aspect and shows how sinister other members are.

While the adults have a lot of the episode dedicated to their machinations, it’s their kids that continue to be the draw as they figure out what’s going on. The general decision is made that they should assume their parents are killers and protect themselves, which seems smart. But, what’s really nice is the episode focuses on the “non-mystery” aspect of them all.

Chase gets confronted by the fight over the attempted rape of Karolina in the first episode. While there’s aspects of this plot that aren’t good, using Karolina to further Chase’s story, there’s good too in that this is a very real aspect of teenage life that’s explored. The fact Karolina is confronted by another girl and blamed for the friction in the lacrosse team as opposed to the would be rapists also is interesting and a bit more realistic. It’s no longer just about putting Chase over, it’s also about teen dynamics and issues that they face. I totally understand why some don’t like this aspect of the show and now that it’s revisited in this way, it feels a bit less like a mechanism to push Chase’s story.

There’s also humor on top of the drama. Gert’s club is revisited, Molly has solid lines, and the Yorkes are cute in their craziness.

Another solid episode and out of all of the comic turned television shows this one had me nervous but four episodes in I’m looking forward to the rest of the season and can’t wait to see where it all goes.

Overall Rating: 8.75

TV Review: Marvel’s Runaways S1E3 Destiny

The kids are reeling following last night’s events. As an investigation begins, they discover their parents may have more to hide than they could have imagined.

While the first two episodes were the set up, the third of Marvel’s Runaways is an interesting one as the main story expands and the team begins to figure out if their parents are murderers.

While the episode has a bit of Scooby-Doo to it, there’s a lot of solid here mostly revolving around the interactions of the characters and the high production quality of it all. The various teens split up to explore their own little corners of the world to figure out what’s going on and the results feel like even more of a mystery. For those that have read the comics, it’s not, but for those that are new this all might seem a bit… weird.

Snow falling from the ceiling, a dinosaur in a basement, x-ray specs, Runaways has its foot in a lot of genres and plays it all off well as the television show focuses on the tween aspects that made the comic series a success.

But, what’s really interesting is how it treats its adults who gain lots of depth in this episode as more is explored. Though the Pride has the makings of a well knit group, it’s clear they’re not as some members aren’t completely sold on what’s going on and others are… have affairs!? Yes, the drama isn’t relegated to the teenagers, it’s also present with the adults too.

At its core, despite the powers to come and the cool gizmos, the show is about the relationships and interactions between all of the characters and each episode so far has remembered that key point. It’s just all done really well at the same time.

Overall Rating: 8.5

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